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80 Presets for Synth1Arcade Summer is back and he's gonna be around for a while, so put your seat-be..
64 awesome handcrafted signature Red Marker sounds for Sylenth1, analog and ARP basses, Lead synths ..
Gain an insight into the Timecop1983 sound. 36 Presets for TAL U NO LX...
Reveal sound’s Spire is currently my favorite virtual synthesizer to use. There isn’t an..
The Midnight Diva Soundbank BRAND NEW
— Diva presets —My official soundbank for U-he Diva34 carefully curated and custom made ..
A collection of 16 personal presets that I made for FM8...
Analogue Hits - for Diva BRAND NEW
Analogue Hits is a preset pack for u-he Diva, featuring classic sounds emulated from a raft of hit r..
Synth Motions Vol.1 for the TAL - Sampler BRAND NEW
Back in the 80s, when Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown were flying around with their DeLorean throug..
Polysix Expansion Pack by Arcade Summer BRAND NEW
Introducing the Polysix expansion megapack by Arcade Summer. This megapack primarily consists of 3 b..
Braddokk’s Trendsetters: Future Bass BRAND NEW
With each sample handcrafted and painstakingly refined, this is the quintessential pack for standing..
Loops Incentive (Construction Kits & Kontakt 5 Library) BRAND NEW
Loops Incentive has arrived! This pack features contains high quality 5 Construction kits and K..
VHS Dreams - The Collection Vol.1 - Tal U NO LX BRAND NEW
The Patchbay teamed up with VHS Dreams to bring you a collection of timeless sounds as they appeared..

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Nothing but smooth sailing and smooth beats came from my deals with TPB. Can't wait to see the upcoming artist's packs!
- FourFox
"I couldn't be happier about having my sounds on The Patchbay. Plays, views, sales and fans have increased after hooking up with this place."
- Espen Kraft (Seller)
A quick and easy way to connect to your audience
- Bantana
Artist-focused, TPB works for you and with you throughout every step of your production
- Ben Clarke
The Patch Bay has not only helped me as an artist, but allow me to support the artists that I love and emulate like Timecop1983 and Michael Michael J Oakley, truly a class act company that goes above and beyond to help both the artists and fans.
- Dan Eachus
"The Patchbay Network has allowed me to connect with my music community in ways I thought were absolutely beyond my reach."
- Soldier Peril
The Timecop1983 pack has been a staple in my music production and led me to learn sound design on the TAL u-no-LX plugin
- Celio (Buyer)
I'd sell my grandmother for Patchbay credit if I hadn't already done so.. No seriously - The Patchbay is my go-to shop for the best software expansions - you won't find another more dedicated to customer service and synthwave focused content
- Adam Force