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    Find audio plugins by their respective vendors. Most serial keys are delivered instantly. Some may require a wait time of up-to 24 hours. Some plugins require downloading installers from their website. 

    Harsh remover tool [FL Studio Patcher]
    Exclusive Plugin: Dynamics
    The harsh remover tool is a preset I developed for FL Studios Patcher which contains a surface interface for the sole purpose of easily removing harsh unwanted frequencies from the mix. I designed thi..
    Super Audio Cart Super Audio Cart
    Kontakt Instrument
    Super Audio Cart faithfully reproduces the sound of eight classic video game systems whose cultural legacy and influence has lasted far beyond their commercial lifespans. When the library was conceive..
    MTurboReverbLE MTurboReverbLE
    Plugin: Reverb
    MTurboReverbLE is an edition of our revolutionary algorithmic reverb MTurboReverb, at a lower price, but has a few limitations  The limitations of MTurboReverbLEMTurboReverbLE does..
    MStereoSpread MStereoSpread
    Plugin: Stereo
    Modern listeners crave extremely tight and punchy sound. MStereoSpread uses psychoacoustics to bring your tracks closer to the listener and make them as wide and tight as physically possible, yet soun..
    MTurboEQ MTurboEQ
    Plugin: EQ
    MTurboEQ is a unique vintage-style equalizer inspired by most of the well-known classic hardware. It's not one of them, it's all of them! For quick and easy equalization with prist..
    MPolySaturator MPolySaturator
    Plugin: Saturation
    MPolySaturator is a unique spectral saturation plugin, which generates harmonics for every single frequency in your signal, making the results sound richer. But unlike classic saturation, it does not ..
    MTurboComp MTurboComp
    Plugin: Compression
     A multiband version MTurboCompMB is now included!Have you ever thought what would happen if you'd somehow create a multiband setup with different vintage compressors on each band? Probably not, ..
    MAutoDynamicEq MAutoDynamicEq
    Plugin: EQ
     Automatic equalizationAnalyze your track, select what you want it to sound like and let the plugin do the magic. It will set up the equalizer bands for you! Unlike traditional spectral matching,..
    MSpectralDynamics MSpectralDynamics
    Plugin: Dynamics
    Unique spectral processing with fine-tuned algorithmsMSpectralDynamics is essentially a dynamics processor which works in the spectral domain allowing you to work with individual frequencies. The comp..
    Plugin: Comparison
    Astonishing workflow for the essential taskComparing your audio to a reference commercial track is essential for every mixing and mastering engineer. Of course you can do that in your host, but the wo..
    MTurboReverb MTurboReverb
    Plugin: Reverb
     Maybe you do not need to design your own reverbs - you can consider the cheaper version MTurboReverbLE which provides all those 100 reverbs. About 100 great sounding reverbs ready..
    MSpectralDelay MSpectralDelay
    Plugin: Delay
    MSpectralDelay is a unique creative delay plugin, which works in the spectral domain and lets you perform various transformations on the delayed signal - from changing pitch to arbitrarily transformin..
    Lunaris Lunaris
    Kontakt Instrument
    Lunaris is a sample based pad instrument, containing pads only from classic analogue pads to lush ambient pads, cinematic pads and any pads in between including 30 original Luftrum pads from the Proph..
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