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Somnus is 52 patches for Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro.Originally conceived to add movement and unusual ambiences to pad sounds these patches are useful on all sorts of audio so experimentation is key.There are:Huge Lush reverbsCrusty bitcrushed noisy ambiencesDeep dubby delaysComplex modulated echoes some with pitch shifting and random glitchesGlistening 'Lanois/Eno' style shimmerythingysEndless dusty dronemakersGranular-esque escapadesTape-stop effect and glitchy repeats.A bit of all-out craziness but not too much :)I'm using these a lot for making big lush drones and fx beds with plenty of character, dust and organic movement. It's cool just dropping Sandman onto all sorts of audio and just flicking through presets and recording whatever comes out. Some of the reverbs and delays use sample rate reduction to give that noisy, artifact-filled effect you got with old 80s/90s rack fx units. Nice...reeeally nice :)

Somnus for UA Sandman Pro

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