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Arcade Summer - Vintage Bass for Synth1

80 Presets for Synth1Arcade Summer is back and he's gonna be around for a while, so put your seat-be..


Red marker - Signature Soundset - Sylenth1

64 awesome handcrafted signature Red Marker sounds for Sylenth1, analog and ARP basses, Lead synths ..


Timecop1983 - Synthwave Soundset TAL U NO LX

Gain an insight into the Timecop1983 sound. 36 Presets for TAL U NO LX...


Michael Oakley - Spire Synthwave Essentials Vol 1

Reveal sound’s Spire is currently my favorite virtual synthesizer to use. There isn’t an..


The Midnight Diva Soundbank BRAND NEW

The Midnight Diva Soundbank

— Diva presets —My official soundbank for U-he Diva34 carefully curated and custom made ..


'8 Bit Synths' for Plogue Chipsounds BRAND NEW

'8 Bit Synths' for Plogue Chipsounds

'8-Bit Synths' contains over 130 original, premium quality presets for Plogue Chipsounds. Th..


'Apocalyptic Visions' for NI Massive BRAND NEW

'Apocalyptic Visions' for NI Massive

'Apocalyptic Visions' brings you 64 disturbing pads, insane soundscapes, creepy sound effect..


Arcade Summer - Outrun Patches - TAL U NO LX

This pack contains 39 patches for TAL U NO LX by Arcade Summer a Monolithic player in the Synthwave ..


Arcade Summer - Synthwave Allsorts for Synth1

80 Presets for Synth1Many people think that freeware vst instruments are of a lesser quality. They m..


Aubit - ODESSA Ultimate Soundset Vol. 1

Get ahead of the game with the “ODESSA ULTIMATE SOUNDSET VOL. 1”! Aubit brings you ..


Bantana Audio - Future Bass Volume 2

85 Future Bass presets for NI MassiveWe create weird sounds. Weird is the focus of almost every pres..


Beckett - Tal U No LX - 42 Presets BRAND NEW

Beckett - Tal U No LX - 42 Presets

These are a collection of sounds I have used for the past 4 years from my first album to my latest w..


Cavaricci Records - Prophet '08 Outrun BRAND NEW

Cavaricci Records - Prophet '08 Outrun

Cavaricci Records proudly presents "Prophet '08 Outrun", an essential collection of so..


Dark Cyberpunk for Dune 2

This soundbank contains 40 patches which are dedicated to the dark side of cyberpunk themed music. F..



This megapack of instruments for Aly James Lab's VPROM (formerly VLinn) includes preset kits and..


Espen Kraft - Roland JX-8P / PG-8X - 32 Retro Synthwave Presets

A download pack of 32 patches for the Roland JX-8P in the sysex format.The patches are created from ..


Europa Relay BRAND NEW

Europa Relay

Europa Relay is a huge cinematic ReFill for Reason’s Europa synthesiser.Relay consists of 150 ..


Flex Gang - Construction Kits

‘Flex Gang’ is a hot new product from Double Bang Music. This pack contains (AIFF, Wav L..


Massive Cyberscapes BRAND NEW

Massive Cyberscapes

Massive Cyberscapes is a cyberpunk/sci-fi/cinematic inspired sound-bank for NI Massive.Cyberscapes c..


Megahit's Retro Radness - soundbank for TAL U-No-Lx BRAND NEW

Megahit's Retro Radness - soundbank for TAL U-No-Lx

Hey fellow retro heads, this is Megahit.I present you 41 selfmade presets for the TAL U-No-Lx VST: a..