Red marker - Signature Soundset - Sylenth1

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64 awesome handcrafted signature Red Marker sounds for Sylenth1, analog and ARP basses, Lead synths designed and set up for synth solos, ethereal spacey pads, rich powerful analog bass pads, crisp and dreamy plucks and ARPs, even FX, everything you need, great sounds in a great package, and if that wasn't enough you get 5 bonus sounds right out of my most popular track DMC-12 Gauge that burst Red Marker onto the scene and has gathered up more than half a million views on NewRetroWaves main YouTube Channel, you also get the midi files and detailed explanation on how I went about creating the Sylenth1 sounds from that track, a total of 69 kick ass sounds all in one kick ass bank.


Requires Sylenth1 version 3 or higher.


Product details
Type of ProductSoundbank
Software Synthesizer
Soft Synth NameSYLENTH1
What's inside?

Red marker - Signature Soundset - Sylenth1

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