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Soldier Peril's Synthwave Foundations

Soldier Peril's Synthwave Foundations

Basic Synthwave Patches for Synth1, 3x Osc, & TAL U-No-LX

This small collection of patches comes from Soldier Peril's personal library and are used to quickly sketch out compositions before swapping them out or tweaking and beefing them up.

Refer to the included project files (FL Studio) for a demonstration on how these patches can be used and abused. 

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  • Foundations-3x-Osc-Demo
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  • Brand: Soldier Peril
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  • Solder Peril

  • Soldier Peril
  • Tacoma, United States
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Tags: synthwave, retro, synth1, 3x osc, tal, u-no-lx, free, soldier peril, fl studio