Diva Phenom - Vol 1 - The Unfinished

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Diva Phenom Vol 1 is a collection of 150 patches for u-he’s Diva synth.

This soundset has been designed to capture the spirit of the amazing soundtrack to
Stranger Things by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. It is full of warmth, intimacy and
1980s nostalgia.

Utilising Diva’s amazing analogue emulation sound, Phenom produces a palette full of
adventure, wonder and dread: Stephen Spielberg meets John Carpenter.

Phenom provides a heady mix of classic, analogue synth tones – simplicity, drift and
lo-fi charm. There is a wealth of silky pads, crisp leads, dark basses, ominous
soundscapes and characterful sequences. All are designed to start small and build as
you mix them together. There is no overly lush reverb, no hugely thick unison; just
beautiful, uncomplicated, wistful ideas.

And whilst Phenom‘s primary influence is Stranger Things, there are also glimpses of
Cliff Martinez, Goblin, Vangelis and Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow. Phenom can also
lend itself to ambient electronic genres and 80s-inspired genres such as Synthwave
and Vaporwave.

Each patch comes with dynamic modwheel programming, allowing you to develop ideas as
you go. They are also tagged and NKSF ready.

So, turn off the betamax and jump on your BMX… we’ve got to save the world from
aliens and monsters before tea time!

Software Synthesizer
Soft Synth NameU-he Diva
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Diva Phenom - Vol 1 - The Unfinished

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