Old-school synth-pop tutorial/workflow -  Free patches Roland JX-8P download

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Episode 1 of my new series where I construct, program and perform a song totally dawless and with only 80s synths, samplers, drum machines and modules.

I do this because I love working like this and secondly to show how it was done back in the day, especially for live work. Each episode ends with me performing the song, recorded in one take. Could be sour notes, playing errors and more, but it's the raw performance. No autotune or post editing.

I go over each synth I use, why I use it and the different parts will be broken down to show you what I think each part contributes to the song. I also program the drum machines to show how these old machines work.

In this episode, I construct a song I've called "Mr.DJ" and in the following episodes I will rebuild some of the songs from my latest album "Those Days". Check out that album on Spotify or Bandcamp here: LINK


Download 16 free patches for the Roland JX-8P or the excellent VST emulator PG-8X. These patches are in the sysex format and can be transferred to your own JX-8P with a MIDI-transfer program. like Sendex by Bome.


The PG-8X can be downloaded from this site: LINK


Hardware Synth
Hardware SynthROLAND JX 8P
Product details
Type of ProductBite-size pack
Software Synthesizer
Soft Synth NamePG 8X
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Old-school synth-pop tutorial/workflow - Free patches Roland JX-8P download

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