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NI Massive Presets

'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4' contains 65 presets for NI Massive, designed to fit perfectly into synthwave/retrowave and other oldschool productions.  Both KSD and NMSV formats are included. Whether you're a fan of Synthwave artists like Miami Nights 1984, Mitch Murder, TimeCop1983, etc, or just want an authentic collection of sounds to cover classic pop songs from a bygone era, we've got you covered.

- All 8 Macros intelligently assigned to each patch.
- Expressive velocity and aftertouch settings for live playability.
- KSD and NMSV formats included.
- Distinctive "retro" sound.

Patch List

AR Floating In Space
AR Ping Pong Plucks 
AT Modular Soundscape 1
AT Modular Soundscape 2
BA Analog Fat Bass
BA Digital Bass 1
BA Digital Bass 2 
BA Digi Slap Bass 
BA Greasy Slider
BA House Sub Bass
BA Soft N Fat
BA Synthwave Bass 1
BA Synthwave Bass 2
BA Synthwave Bass 3
BA Synthwave Bass 4
BA Synthwave Bass 5
BA Synthwave Bass 6
BA Yai
BL Analog Xylophone
BL Digital Bells
BR Bright PWM Brass
BR Tension Brass
BR Thick Brass
DR Pew Pew Toms
FX Bright Riser
FX Fading Riser 1
FX Fading Riser 2
FX Falling Arp
FX Falling UFO
FX HiPass Faller
KB Dee Ex Rhodes
KB Digital Organ
KB Juno Wurly
KB Pop Organ
LD Baritone PWM
LD Dirty Bender
LD Dusty Saw
LD Funk Lead
LD HP Bright Lead
LD Noisey Pop Lead
LD Nu Rave
LD Play Power Chords
LD Slow Solo
LD Smokey Baritone
PD 20 Below
PD Analog Horn Pad
PD Bright Riser
PD Chillout Room
PD Classic Downsweep
PD Glassy Pad
PD OB-Like
PD Soft and Mellow
PD Sweet 80s Pad
PD XS Signature Strings
PL Caramel Popcorn
PL Cherry Blossoms
PL Cute Arp Food
PL Hi Pass Plucks 1
PL Hi Pass Plucks 2
PL Like A CZ
PL Little Chaser
PL Pseudo Strat
PL Razor Sharp
PL Retro Plucks
PL White Tone



80s, Synthwave, Vaporwave, Chillwave, New Wave, Disco, Pop, Electronica, Oldschool House

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'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4: Synthwave' for NI Massive

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