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    RetroMania for Synapse-Audio Legend VST and Legend RE (Reason)

    RetroMania for Synapse-Audio Legend VST and Legend RE (Reason)
    Presets Sound Designer
    RetroMania for Synapse-Audio Legend VST and Legend RE (Reason)

    'RetroMania' contains 75 Synapse-Audio Legend presets with a strong retro character, for producers of 70s and 80s Pop music, Synthwave, Funk, Classic Rock and more.    With meaty basses, fat classic leads, plus a wide assortment of quality oldschool polyphonic synths such as keys, plucks and pads, 'RetroMania' is a handy arsenal of vintage style patches ready to drop into your tracks.  

    This soundset includes both FXP and Reason RePatch formats.

    Patch List

    BA 5ths Bass
    BA 808ish Sub
    BA Analog Bass
    BA Beefsteak
    BA Bright N Snappy
    BA Deep Bass
    BA Fast Basslines
    BA Glider Bass
    BA Heated
    BA Hotrod
    BA Linear Saw
    BA Plucky
    BA Punchy FM
    BA Rosey Tone
    BA Slow Stereo Sub
    BA Snappy Classic
    BA Synthwave
    BA Vintage Bass
    BA Warm Saw
    BA Wow Bass
    BL Asia
    BL High Bells
    BL Moog Bells
    BR Vintage Brass 1
    BR Vintage Brass 2
    BR Vintage Brass 3
    FX Goldlust
    FX Radioactive
    KB BBW Wurly
    KB Punchy Organ
    KB Sweet Organ
    LD Analog Saw
    LD Banana Sundae
    LD Big Booty
    LD Big Titties
    LD Cherry Smoothie
    LD Dirty G Funk
    LD Distressed Square
    LD Early 90s Saw
    LD Fat Solo Strings
    LD Flutey Lead
    LD Green Chili Flavor
    LD High Voltage
    LD HOLY SH-T!!
    LD Hy Fy
    LD Lazerfunk
    LD Moog 5ths
    LD Rap Whistle
    LD Rezzy Lead
    LD Sparkles
    LD Strawberry Custard
    LD Three Osc Lead
    LD Undertone
    LD White and Gold
    LD With Feeling
    PD Butterscotch
    PD Enlightenment
    PD Ghostly
    PD Retro Strings
    PD Starlight
    PD Warm and Clean
    PD White Light
    PD Wonderment
    PD Wow Pad
    PL Bright Polysynth
    PL Classic Polysynth
    PL Cloudscape
    PL Laser Whip
    PL Lunacy
    PL Polyplucker
    PL Refined With Age
    PL Square Plucks
    PL Storybook
    PL Synth Harp
    PL Vintage Saw Keys



    80s, 70s, Synthwave, Chillwave, Chillout, Funk, Pop, Rock

    Type of Synth
    Synth Name Synapse-Audio Legend (Reason)
    What's inside?
    Presets 75

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