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    Michael Oakley - Demo of Retro City
    Morgan Willis - Retro City Demo
    Morgan Willis - Retro City Demo
    Stephan Baer - Into The Night
    Stephan Baer - Into The Night

    Retro City

    Retro City
    Retro City
    Presets Diva Sound Designer
    Retro City
    Retro City
    Retro City

    Retro City is a retro-futuristic flashback into the beating heart of the 1980’s from the night drives with your favorite mix-tape on loop to the magenta neon lights in L.A. The blue video arcades of suburbia and the palmy pink beaches of Miami. Even that long-ago summer night when you first fell in love. It’s all here. 

    Retro City is like a throwback movie montage for your music, containing 85 synthwave style presets for U-He Diva featuring 64 presets by Stephan Bear, and 21 edits by Luftrum. The soundset is packed with nostalgia, synthesized with modern beauty and delivered with 80’s love. Warm analog pads, classic basslines, energetic keys, crystalline synth leads and nostalgic arpeggios.

    The demo roster count Synthwave superstars such as Morgan Willis and Michael Oakley so slip on your Wayfarers, put the top down and take a spin through the demos to get a taste of what life in ? Retro City feels like.

    If you produce Synthwave, Dreamwave, Darksynth or Synthpop, these evocative 85 presets are destined to inspire and flow effortlessly through your productions like summer wind through your hair. 

    Dive into? Retro City and discover what past your future brings. 

    Type of Synth
    Synth Name U-He Diva
    What's inside?
    Presets 85

    • Luftrum

    • Luftrum
    • Denmark
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    impressive synthwave presets from luftrum in this pack, quite a few staple synthwave sounds and I'm overall impressed and I got in a sale makes it even better
    Adam Green