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    Korg DW-8000, 64 new retro patches for synthpop, synthwave, & italo disco ++

    Korg DW-8000, 64 new retro patches for synthpop, synthwave, & italo disco ++

    A download pack of 64 original patches for the Korg DW-8000/EX-8000 synthesizer.In the sysex format.Both as a SYSEX bank patch, but also in individual program patches for your convenience.

    If you're into retro synth based music like Synth-pop, Synthwave or Italo Disco or anyother  they should suit your style. Even composers for games and movies should find great stuff here.

    The Korg DW-8000 is a hybrid digital/analog synth that has much in common with the more costly PPG system at the time. It sounds absolutely glorious, but is often overshadowed by more famous synths like the Yamaha DX7 or the Roland Jupiter/Juno series. The Korg DW-8000 can mimic both of these, at the same time, but it can definitely hold it's own.

    You'll need a MIDI interface with MIDI in/out and a MIDI SYSEX transfer program to load the patches into your Korg DW-8000. I recommend UNISYNTH to do that. It's a free program.

    Patch list: 

    p11 Das Boot Stringsp12 Pleasure Padp13 Terminate Padp14 PSB Stringsp15 Juno Brassp16 Arp Darkp17 Axel Fp18 Jump the Hills

    p21 Filthy Cleanp22 Acidp23 SimpleBp24 ResoELPp25 PPG Guitarp26 PPG Bassp27 Reso Risep28 Juno Wannabe

    p31 TwangMVp32 Vamos APp33 GoldenBp34 Sometimes Grainyp35 PPGp36 Plucky Bellp37 Hollow Savep38 Tubular glas

    p41 GloomyAirp42 Trippy Rainp43 October Padp44 DDp45 Staccato Arpp46 Heartp47 Final Countdownp48 FM Piano

    p51 8P soundtrackp52 Muted Waves of Arpp53 Haroldp54 Squarep55 Heavenly Guitarp56 Alonep57 DigiManp58 FBrass

    P61 Blade Runner Padp62 Lead Delayp63 Layer Bassp64 Synth bellsp65 Walking Padp66 Tubular Legendp67 Naturalp68 Tribe

    p71 FM Bassp72 Vincep73 Arp Bassp74 Clean Beep75 JH nightsp76 Reso affairsp77 FM Bass 2p78 X-files

    p81 Save the 8Pp82 Juno Arpp83 PPG Bass Stringsp84 Synth Brass 1p85 Strangers synthsp86 DS guitarp87 Z brassp88 Z strings

    Type of Synth
    Synth Name Korg DW-8000
    What's inside?
    Presets 64

    p11 Das Boot Strings

    p12 Pleasure Pad

    p13 Terminate Pad

    p14 PSB Strings

    p15 Juno Brass

    p16 Arp Dark

    p17 Axel F

    p18 Jump the Hills

    p21 Filthy Clean

    p22 Acid

    p23 SimpleB

    p24 ResoELP

    p25 PPG Guitar

    p26 PPG Bass

    p27 Reso Rise

    p28 Juno Wannabe

    p31 TwangMV

    p32 Vamos AP

    p33 GoldenB

    p34 Sometimes Grainy

    p35 PPG

    p36 Plucky Bell

    p37 Hollow Save

    p38 Tubular glas

    p41 GloomyAir

    p42 Trippy Rain

    p43 October Pad

    p44 DD

    p45 Staccato Arp

    p46 Heart

    p47 Final Countdown

    p48 FM Piano

    p51 8P soundtrack

    p52 Muted Waves of Arp

    p53 Harold

    p54 Square

    p55 Heavenly Guitar

    p56 Alone

    p57 DigiMan

    p58 FBrass

    P61 Blade Runner Pad

    p62 Lead Delay

    p63 Layer Bass

    p64 Synth bells

    p65 Walking Pad

    p66 Tubular Legend

    p67 Natural

    p68 Tribe

    p71 FM Bass

    p72 Vince

    p73 Arp Bass

    p74 Clean Bee

    p75 JH nights

    p76 Reso affairs

    p77 FM Bass 2

    p78 X-files

    p81 Save the 8P

    p82 Juno Arp

    p83 PPG Bass Strings

    p84 Synth Brass 1

    p85 Strangers synths

    p86 DS guitar

    p87 Z brass

    p88 Z strings


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    Very happy with these patches! They are very inspiring and make the most of my DW8000.
    Andy Wickham