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Improve, be part of a growing community

we are who we are because of you

The Patchbay is a digital marketplace and content management system built by you.

A safe place to conduct business and an adaptive place to grow.

It bridges the gap between creator and fan, allowing direct access between the two.

A transparent platform built on integrity. A platform you control.

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Our Mission

We are a social experiment, we are a CMS you are in control of.

We want to help you grow and we are determined to provide you the oppertunity with the tools we build and the resources we gather.

The Patchbay is commited to a project that aims to grow artists and content creators through the power of organic reach.

You can help shape an entire digital market.


Im a fan what do you provide?

Support your favourite artists and content creators with a more personal touch.

Find soundbanks, project files, tutorials, personalised services and more with a constantly evolving organic community database.

I want to upload to TPB what can you offer?

We are a talent database and CMS in one. We give you the tools and analytics to reach your fans and clients

We work tirelessly with big and small content creators to bring incredible oppertunities to TPB.

You can learn more about signing up and what you gain access to here: Learn about selling

For further information and terms, visit our selling guide here: Selling terms

Is The Patchbay safe?

The Patchbay runs on a network of cloud connected SSD hard drives, encrypted by SSL and is fully PCI complaint..

Help desk

For more questions and answers, visit the helpdesk here: Go to Helpdesk If you have any questions or enquiries, you can: CONTACT US