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'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4: Synthwave' for NI Massive
<p>NI Massive Presets<br></p><p>'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4' contains 65 presets for NI Massive, designed to fit perfectly into synthwave/retrowave and other oldschool productions. &nbsp;Both KSD and NMSV formats are included. Whether you're a fan of Synthwave artists like Miami Nights 1984, Mitch Murder, TimeCop1983, etc, or just want an authentic collection of sounds to cover classic pop songs from a bygone era, we've got you covered.</p><p>- All 8 Macros intelligently assigned to each patch.<br>- Expressive velocity and aftertouch settings for live playability.<br>- KSD and NMSV formats included.<br>- Distinctive "retro" sound.</p><p><br><u><strong>Patch List</strong></u></p><p>AR Floating In Space<br>AR Ping Pong Plucks&nbsp;<br>AT Modular Soundscape 1<br>AT Modular Soundscape 2<br>BA Analog Fat Bass<br>BA Digital Bass 1<br>BA Digital Bass 2&nbsp;<br>BA Digi Slap Bass&nbsp;<br>BA Greasy Slider<br>BA House Sub Bass<br>BA Soft N Fat<br>BA Synthwave Bass 1<br>BA Synthwave Bass 2<br>BA Synthwave Bass 3<br>BA Synthwave Bass 4<br>BA Synthwave Bass 5<br>BA Synthwave Bass 6<br>BA Yai<br>BL Analog Xylophone<br>BL Digital Bells<br>BR Bright PWM Brass<br>BR Tension Brass<br>BR Thick Brass<br>DR Pew Pew Toms<br>FX Bright Riser<br>FX Fading Riser 1<br>FX Fading Riser 2<br>FX Falling Arp<br>FX Falling UFO<br>FX HiPass Faller<br>KB Dee Ex Rhodes<br>KB Digital Organ<br>KB Juno Wurly<br>KB Pop Organ<br>LD Baritone PWM<br>LD Dirty Bender<br>LD Dusty Saw<br>LD Funk Lead<br>LD HP Bright Lead<br>LD Noisey Pop Lead<br>LD Nu Rave<br>LD Play Power Chords<br>LD Slow Solo<br>LD Smokey Baritone<br>PD 20 Below<br>PD Analog Horn Pad<br>PD Bright Riser<br>PD Chillout Room<br>PD Classic Downsweep<br>PD Glassy Pad<br>PD OB-Like<br>PD Soft and Mellow<br>PD Sweet 80s Pad<br>PD XS Signature Strings<br>PL Caramel Popcorn<br>PL Cherry Blossoms<br>PL Cute Arp Food<br>PL Hi Pass Plucks 1<br>PL Hi Pass Plucks 2<br>PL Like A CZ<br>PL Little Chaser<br>PL Pseudo Strat<br>PL Razor Sharp<br>PL Retro Plucks<br>PL White Tone</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Genres:</p><p>80s, Synthwave, Vaporwave, Chillwave, New Wave, Disco, Pop, Electronica, Oldschool&nbsp;House</p>
'RetroMania' for Synapse-Audio Legend VST and Legend RE (Reason)
<p>&#39;RetroMania&#39; contains 75 Synapse-Audio Legend presets with a strong retro character, for producers of 70s and 80s Pop music, Synthwave, Funk, Classic Rock and more. &nbsp; &nbsp;With meaty basses, fat classic leads, plus a wide assortment of quality oldschool polyphonic synths such as keys, plucks and pads, &#39;RetroMania&#39; is a handy arsenal of vintage style patches ready to drop into your tracks. &nbsp;</p><p>This soundset includes both FXP and Reason RePatch formats.</p><p><u><strong>Patch List</strong></u></p><p>BA 5ths Bass<br />BA 808ish Sub<br />BA Analog Bass<br />BA Beefsteak<br />BA Bright N Snappy<br />BA Deep Bass<br />BA Fast Basslines<br />BA Glider Bass<br />BA Heated<br />BA Hotrod<br />BA Linear Saw<br />BA Plucky<br />BA Punchy FM<br />BA Rosey Tone<br />BA Slow Stereo Sub<br />BA Snappy Classic<br />BA Synthwave<br />BA Vintage Bass<br />BA Warm Saw<br />BA Wow Bass<br />BL Asia<br />BL High Bells<br />BL Moog Bells<br />BR Vintage Brass 1<br />BR Vintage Brass 2<br />BR Vintage Brass 3<br />FX Goldlust<br />FX Radioactive<br />KB BBW Wurly<br />KB Punchy Organ<br />KB Sweet Organ<br />LD Analog Saw<br />LD Banana Sundae<br />LD Big Booty<br />LD Big Titties<br />LD Cherry Smoothie<br />LD Dirty G Funk<br />LD Distressed Square<br />LD Early 90s Saw<br />LD Fat Solo Strings<br />LD Flutey Lead<br />LD Green Chili Flavor<br />LD High Voltage<br />LD HOLY SH-T!!<br />LD Hy Fy<br />LD Lazerfunk<br />LD Moog 5ths<br />LD Rap Whistle<br />LD Rezzy Lead<br />LD Sparkles<br />LD Strawberry Custard<br />LD Three Osc Lead<br />LD Undertone<br />LD White and Gold<br />LD With Feeling<br />PD Butterscotch<br />PD Enlightenment<br />PD Ghostly<br />PD Retro Strings<br />PD Starlight<br />PD Warm and Clean<br />PD White Light<br />PD Wonderment<br />PD Wow Pad<br />PL Bright Polysynth<br />PL Classic Polysynth<br />PL Cloudscape<br />PL Laser Whip<br />PL Lunacy<br />PL Polyplucker<br />PL Refined With Age<br />PL Square Plucks<br />PL Storybook<br />PL Synth Harp<br />PL Vintage Saw Keys</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Genres:</p><p>80s, 70s, Synthwave, Chillwave, Chillout, Funk, Pop, Rock</p>
'Vintage 70s and 80s' for Z3ta+ and Z3ta 2
<p>&quot;Vintage 70s and 80s&quot; for Z3ta+ 1.5 and Z3ta 2, contains&nbsp;a wide variety of sounds inspired by many popular hits from the 70&#39;s up to the late 1980&#39;s; covering such genres as synthwave, classic rock, new wave, disco,&nbsp;oldschool hip hop/breakdance, and even early underground rave music. The soundset ships with two versions - the Z3ta 1.5 version FXB file containing 128 sounds, plus the Z3ta 2 version which contains an additional 12 bonus sounds for a total of 140 presets.</p><p>About the Producer:</p><p>Bryan &#39;Xenos&#39; Lee has worked as a sound designer for such companies as Native Instruments, ReFX, Cakewalk, U-he, Rop Papen, Camel Audio, Image-Line and many more. &nbsp;His work is found in the factory presets of such synths as Alchemy, Repro 5, Hive, many Native Instruments Reaktor ensembles, Z3ta 2, Gladiator, Punch, Toxic Biohazard, Scanned Synth Pro 2, Chipsounds, etc.</p><p><u><strong>Patch list</strong></u></p><p>BA Ana Bass Hits<br />BA Analog Bass 1<br />BA Analog Bass 2<br />BA Analog Basss 3<br />BA Bass Plucks<br />BA Billie Jean<br />BA Blind Science<br />BA Breakdance<br />BA Bright Ana<br />BA Digi Bass 2.3<br />BA Early Rave Bass<br />BA Electrospitter<br />BA Fat Moog<br />BA Fat Sub Bass<br />BA Funky 303<br />BA Funky FM Bass<br />BA Lo Fi Digital<br />BA Moist Bass<br />BA New Wave<br />BA Octave Bass<br />BA Old School Goa<br />BA Old Video Game<br />BA Phat Electro<br />BA Rave Bass<br />BA Rip It Up<br />BA Stereo Bass<br />BA Sweet Spot<br />BA Vintage Square<br />BA Viper Spit<br />BA Warm Bass<br />DN Cinematic Drone<br />DR Octagon Toms<br />FX Galaway Noise Stab<br />FX Krazy Lasers<br />FX Oxygene Stab<br />FX Psychocopter<br />FX Rezzo Riser<br />KB Analog Clavi<br />KB Analog Organ<br />KB Analog Wurly<br />KB Cheesy 60s<br />KB Pharphisa<br />KB Sparkling E. Piano<br />LD Chameleon<br />LD Classic Square<br />LD Creamy Mini<br />LD Detroit Techno<br />LD Dirty Sync<br />LD Fat Funk Lead<br />LD Fat Pulse Lead<br />LD FM Power Lead<br />LD Grungy Bandpass<br />LD Mellow Lead<br />LD Mondo Lead<br />LD Not Brass<br />LD Poly Funk<br />LD Power Fifths<br />LD Reedy Lead<br />LD Rock Da Show<br />LD Rock Sync<br />LD Sad Lead<br />LD Salty Flavor<br />LD Shake &#39;em Down<br />LD Six String Blues<br />LD Slo Funk<br />LD Solo Strings<br />LD Solo Synth Trumpet<br />LD Sparkling Eyes<br />LD Synth Flute<br />LD Synth Violin<br />LD Synthetic Oboe<br />LD Wet N Funky<br />LD Yoing!<br />PD 80s Warm Pad<br />PD Big Retro Pad<br />PD Classic S&amp;H<br />PD Creamy Pad<br />PD Feel The Love<br />PD Glassy Pad<br />PD Inner Light<br />PD Metallic Pad<br />PD Pluckpad<br />PD Pure Synth No FX&nbsp;<br />PD She Has Landed<br />PD Space Choir<br />PD Synth Strings 1<br />PD Synth Strings 2<br />PD Synth Strings 3<br />PD Synth Strings 4<br />PD Vertigo<br />PD Vintage Ooh&#39;s<br />PD Vintage Vox<br />PD Warm And Juicy<br />PD Wave Scanner<br />SY Ageless Synth Keys<br />SY Analog Brass<br />SY Analog Chimes<br />SY Analog Plucks<br />SY Beefy Bandpass<br />SY Blissful<br />SY Celesial PWM<br />SY Chaser Bells<br />SY Chinese Zither<br />SY Chiptune Standard<br />SY Cloud Nine<br />SY Digiwave Keys<br />SY Fat Poly Keys<br />SY Fine Vintage<br />SY Funky Duck<br />SY Glassy Arp Food<br />SY Heary Bells<br />SY Hold to Swell<br />SY Jazzy Plucksynth<br />SY Juneau 106<br />SY Like Butter<br />SY Plastic Pizzicato<br />SY Pulse Keys<br />SY Rio Duran<br />SY Shivers<br />SY SID Chip Chords<br />SY Spitting Brass<br />SY Sunshine<br />SY Sweet Bells<br />SY Syntar<br />SY Thick Ana Keys<br />SY Wavescanned Bells<br />SY Zen Synth</p><p><u>Bonus Patches Included in Z3ta 2 version</u></p><p>BA Mellow FM Bass<br />BA Mr. Crowly<br />BA Wavetable Bass<br />FX Slow Down&nbsp;<br />LD Frankenstein<br />LD Purple Floyd<br />LD Sweet Pulse Lead<br />PD Digital Pad<br />PD Precious Gems<br />PD Soundtrack<br />SY Oldschool Arpeggiator<br />SY Sci Fi Bells<br />&nbsp;</p>
'1984' for PPG Wave 3.V and 2.V
PPG Wave Presets<br><p><br></p><p>'Nineteen Eighty Four', a bank of 128 presets, combines oldschool-inspired synth sounds with the addition of somber, chilling textures that reflect the dystopian world described in George Orwell's classic novel. &nbsp;The 3.V version of this set makes use of Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V's new features as well as a few additional edits.&nbsp;</p><p>NOTE: The bank ships in 3 versions: The 2.V Steinberg version, the 2.V Waldorf version, plus the new 3.V version.</p><p>For Genres:<br>Chillwave, Synthwave, 80s, Electro, Pop, House, Minimal House, Techno</p><p>Patch List</p><p>000. ARP Blue Tangerines<br>001. ARP Chillin'<br>002. ARP Mellow 16ths<br>003. ARP NOT A 303<br>004. ARP PopCorn<br>005. ARP The Next Wave<br>006. ARP Two Minutes Hate<br>007. BAS 1985<br>008. BAS Beefcake<br>009. BAS Beefy Wavescan<br>010. BAS DarkSync<br>011. BAS Digital Gold<br>012. BAS D-Mode<br>013. BAS DNB Doom<br>014. BAS DNB With Attitude<br>015. BAS Dynamic Silver<br>016. BAS EastAsia<br>017. BAS Eurasia<br>018. BAS Glitchy DNB<br>019. BAS Just Add Distortion<br>020. BAS Martian Jazz<br>021. BAS Moogy Digital<br>022. BAS New Wave<br>023. BAS Numan Would Be Proud<br>024. BAS Oceana<br>025. BAS Phat Saw<br>026. BAS Picked Waves<br>027. BAS Slapback<br>028. BAS Smooth 5ths<br>029. BAS Sub Zero Hz<br>030. BAS Thick PPG<br>031. BAS Trance Digital<br>032. BAS Unison<br>033. BAS Vintage PPG 1<br>034. BAS Vintage PPG 2<br>035. BAS Vintage PPG 3<br>036. BAS Vintage PPG 4<br>037. DRN DoubleThink<br>038. DRN Joycamps<br>039. DRN Room 101<br>040. DRN Thought Police<br>041. KBD Dali's Hammond<br>042. KBD DX Rhodes<br>043. KBD Lightly Muted<br>044. KBD Nothing To Fear<br>045. KBD Pop Organ<br>046. KBD PPG Clavi<br>047. KBD PPG Harpsichord<br>048. KBD Synth EP<br>049. KBD Synthetic Organ<br>050. KBD Touch Filters<br>051. KBD Trance Keys<br>052. KBD Vintage Keys 1<br>053. KBD Vintage Keys 2<br>054. KBD Vintage Keys 3<br>055. KBD Vintage Keys 4<br>056. KBD Vintage Keys 5<br>057. KBD Warm Yet Cold<br>058. LED Buzzsaw Pulse<br>059. LED Classic 80's 1<br>060. LED Classic 80's 2<br>061. LED Classic PPG<br>062. LED Creamy<br>063. LED Duckspeak<br>064. LED GoodThinkfulAndDumb<br>065. LED Heavy Compression<br>066. LED Organic<br>067. LED Outlandish<br>068. LED Phat Pulse<br>069. LED Polyphonic<br>070. LED PPGrungy<br>071. LED Satelite<br>072. LED Slightly Bent<br>073. LED Slo'Groovin'<br>074. LED Smooth Jazz<br>075. LED Squared Away<br>076. LED Synthetic Horn<br>077. LED Unison<br>078. PAD A Feel Of Dread<br>079. PAD AvanteGarde Wavescape<br>080. PAD Bowed Anvils<br>081. PAD Classic SynthPop 1<br>082. PAD Classic Synthpop 2<br>083. PAD Classic Synthpop 3<br>084. PAD Classic Synthpop 4<br>085. PAD Digital Sheen<br>086. PAD Dissonent Cinematic<br>087. PAD Down The Memory Hole<br>088. PAD Fluidity<br>089. PAD Is This Heaven?<br>090. PAD Lightweight<br>091. PAD Lurking Tritone<br>092. PAD Metallic Tension<br>093. PAD Nightmare<br>094. PAD Our Freedom Lost<br>095. PAD Passing Thought Crime<br>096. PAD PPG Strings<br>097. PAD Rotating Tesseract<br>098. PAD Spaced Out<br>099. PAD Stealth Or Die<br>100. PAD Streets Of Gold<br>101. PAD Throaty Vox<br>102. PAD TranceGate<br>103. PAD Warm &amp; BAsic<br>104. SFX Sudden Fright<br>105. SFX Zaps<br>106. SYN Africa 5000 AD<br>107. SYN Arp Food 1<br>108. SYN Arp Food 2<br>109. SYN Arp Food 3<br>110. SYN Bass Sax<br>111. SYN Bells On Soma<br>112. SYN Big Band Sax Quartet<br>113. SYN D50 Brass<br>114. SYN Downward Spiral<br>115. SYN Ethnic Bells<br>116. SYN Flashpoint-esque<br>117. SYN Indescribable Beauty<br>118. SYN PPG Brass<br>119. SYN Rave Chords (Maj)<br>120. SYN Rave Chords (min)<br>121. SYN Road To China<br>122. SYN Secret Garden Chimes<br>123. SYN Synthasia<br>124. SYN Synth Bells 1<br>125. SYN Synth Bells 2<br>126. SYN Tibetan Bowls<br>127. SYN Transfer</p>
'8 Bit Synths' for Plogue Chipsounds
Soundbank -50 %
<p>Plogue Chipsounds Presets<br></p><p>'8-Bit Synths' contains over 130 original, premium quality presets for Plogue Chipsounds. These patches have that authentic character of retro videogame consoles and soundchips. While clearly useful for Chiptunes, '8-Bit Synths' also provides a quirky, lo-fi and digital edge to modern music genres like House, Trap, RnB, Synthwave/80s and more. &nbsp;As a special bonus, all the FL Studio files used in the MP3 demo are included with the soundset, which you're free to use any way you like.</p><p><br>PATCH LIST</p><p>Arps:</p><p>AR Atariwave<br>AR Bassline<br>AR Coleco Arp<br>AR Digital Wave<br>AR Duo Min7th<br>AR Stereo Arp<br>AR VIC 20</p><p>Basses:</p><p>BA 2 Osc NES<br>BA Bit Square<br>BA Computer Bass<br>BA Deep Wobble<br>BA Detuned Triangles<br>BA Dubtronica<br>BA Fat NES Bass<br>BA Filtered Square<br>BA Formant Pulse<br>BA Gameboy Sub<br>BA Hard Wobble<br>BA M5232 Bass 1<br>BA M5232 Bass 2<br>BA Multi-Chip Fatty<br>BA Quirky Square<br>BA Raunchy 808 Sub<br>BA SID Sub<br>BA Soft Bass<br>BA Thick SID Bass<br>BA Warm PWM<br>BA ZX Bass 1<br>BA ZX Bass 2</p><p>Bells, Brass and Keys:</p><p>BL DMG Bells<br>BL Sweet Bells<br>BL VIC-1 Bells<br>BR Synth Brass 1<br>BR Synth Brass 2<br>KB 8-Bit E Piano<br>KB Chorusy E Piano<br>KB Dirty E Piano<br>KB Organ 1 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<br>KB Organ 2<br>KB Organ 3<br>KB Processed VL-1</p><p>Chords:</p><p>CH Arp Stabs 1<br>CH Arp Stabs 2<br>CH Quard Chord<br>CH Slow Chords</p><p>Drums:<br>&nbsp;<br>BD ColecoVision Kick<br>BD N Square<br>BD POKEY<br>BD SID Kick 1<br>BD SID Kick 2<br>BD Speccy Kick 1<br>BD Speccy Kick 2<br>BD Speccy Kick 3<br>BD VIC 20<br>CL Stereo NES Claps<br>CL ZX Claps<br>CY Dark Crash<br>CY Ride Cymbol<br>HH High Hats<br>HH Spectrum ZX<br>HH VL1 Hat Loop<br>SN ColecoVision Snare<br>SN N Noise Snare<br>SN POKEY<br>SN SID Snare 1<br>SN SID Snare 2<br>SN Speccy Snare 1<br>SN Speccy Snare 2<br>SN Speccy Snare 3<br>SN Speccy Snare 4<br>TM NintenTOM<br>TM VIC 20</p><p>FX and Hits:</p><p>FX 800 Riser<br>FX Arpy Riser<br>FX Big Powerup<br>FX Chaosquare<br>FX Coleco Drop<br>FX Dub Runner<br>FX Explosive Release<br>FX Falling Squares<br>FX Gated Noise<br>FX Homebrew Noise<br>FX Mecha Swell<br>FX Pokey FX Loop<br>FX Spectre ZX<br>FX VIC 20 Riser<br>HT Arcadia 2001 Lazer&nbsp;<br>HT Coleco Jump Button<br>HT Coleco Lazers<br>HT Freaky Stabs<br>HT Speccy Noise Hits<br>HT Stereo POKEY Hit<br>HT UVI Explosions<br>HT ZX Enemy Killed</p><p>Leads:</p><p>LD 800 Lead 1<br>LD 800 Lead 2<br>LD 8 Bit Flute<br>LD 8 Bit Oboe<br>LD 8 Bit Violin<br>LD Coleco Lead<br>LD Dirty Speccy<br>LD Fat Colecoid<br>LD Geometric Moog<br>LD Makin' It Wail<br>LD Mono E Piano<br>LD Neo Coleco<br>LD Pixelated Sync<br>LD Plucky Digi<br>LD Reedy Lead<br>LD Saw Lead<br>LD Sloppy Sync<br>LD Sweet Duo SID<br>LD Thick NES<br>LD Tweety Flutter<br>LD ZX High Lead</p><p>Pads:</p><p>PD 800 Pad 1<br>PD 800 Pad 2<br>PD 800 Pad 3<br>PD Angelic Voices<br>PD Dual SID PWM &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br>PD Phat Swell<br>PD Sapphire Eyes<br>PD Shimmer<br>PD Super VL Pad</p><p>Plucks:</p><p>PL 8 Bit Harp<br>PL 300 Below Zero<br>PL Chunky WT<br>PL Classic NES<br>PL Flutternutter<br>PL Impulse<br>PL Layered NES<br>PL Narrow Pulse 1<br>PL Narrow Pulse 2<br>PL Trempulse<br>PL ZX Strobey Plucks<br>PL ZX Sync Plucks<br>&nbsp;</p><p>Genres:&nbsp;<br>8-Bit, 80s, Electro, Future R'n'B, Hip Hop, House, Pop, RnB, Synthwave, Techno, Dubstep, Trap</p>
£9.95 £4.98
'Premium OVO Collection' for NI Massive
<p>The Premium OVO Collection contains 100 patches inspired by PartyNextDoor, ILoveMakonnen, Drake, Mike Zombie, Roy Woods, and more. This collection includes everything you need to start making serious OVO type beats - Cone shattering subs, ethereal and exotic pads, emotive plucked synths, beautiful bells/mallets, singing leads, unique sound FX and more.</p><p>Are you tired of getting fooled by flashy marketers into buying products of subpar quality? These patches are the REAL DEAL, truly playable and with attention paid to detail. There are no &quot;filler&quot; or too-similar patches in here.</p><p>- Dynamic and expressive velocity settings.<br />- Intelligent Macro Control assignments for increased expression and variation.<br />- Please note that this set is in NMSV format only.</p><p>* Important Note:</p><p>This soundset contains a mix of handpicked and tweaked selections from various existing Xenos Soundworks products, plus 27 brand new patches unique to &#39;Premium OVO Collection&#39;.&nbsp;</p><p>Patch List</p><p>BA Booty Warrior<br />BA Classic Sub<br />BA Detuned Sub 1<br />BA Detuned Sub 2<br />BA Growly Kick Sub<br />BA Kick Sub 1<br />BA Kick Sub 2<br />BA Kick Sub 3<br />BA Quantum Sub<br />BA Spacey Bandpass<br />BA Wobble Sub<br />BA Wooden Sub<br />BL Dreamy Mallets<br />BL Euphoric Mallets<br />BL Log Marimba<br />BL Metallophone<br />BL Must Have Bells<br />BL Pulsar Lights<br />BL Straight Bells<br />BL Temple Chimes<br />BL Zen Dreams<br />BR Sharp Synth Brass<br />BR Slow Brass<br />FX 420 Riser<br />FX Arcade Riser<br />FX Classic Noise LFO<br />FX Computer Space<br />FX Electro Bluntz<br />FX Falling Squares<br />FX Instant Headrush<br />FX Old Vinyl<br />FX Psilocopter<br />HT Bass Hits<br />HT Brassy Stabs<br />HT Synth Orch Hits<br />KB Cherry Flavored<br />KB Lounge E Piano<br />KB Play Chord Stabs<br />KB Starlight<br />KB Trippin&#39; Organ<br />KB Unprepared Piano<br />LD Bent Saw<br />LD Dirty Sweep<br />LD Future Retro<br />LD Gonzo<br />LD Hydro Lead<br />LD Mental Lof Fi<br />LD Neo G Funk<br />LD Noisy Lead<br />LD Old Annie<br />LD Rezzy Lead<br />LD Soft Lead<br />LD Square Lead<br />LD Tension<br />LD Xenos Signature<br />PD Airy And Sweet<br />PD Amiga Voices<br />PD Ancient Ones<br />PD Beauty<br />PD Blue Star Raga<br />PD Busy Nanobots<br />PD Count Your Blessings<br />PD Cryogenic Slumber<br />PD Dark Alley<br />PD Dark Psytronica<br />PD Freedom Is Bliss<br />PD Greed&#39;s Bounty<br />PD Martian-Grown<br />PD Melancholy Mood<br />PD Neural Soup<br />PD Painting The Stars<br />PD Point Of Origin<br />PD Quicksilver Flavor<br />PD Retro Strings<br />PD Scientific Singularity<br />PD Silicates<br />PD Soulspace<br />PD Surreal Landscape<br />PD Type 3 Civilization<br />PD X22 Homestead<br />PL Amiga Pizzi<br />PL Beautifully Bent<br />PL Bone Dry<br />PL Chilled Keys<br />PL Essential Polysynth<br />PL FM Plucks<br />PL Funky Tremolo<br />PL Haiku<br />PL Hydrocopter<br />PL Keytar<br />PL Makeshift Zither<br />PL Minimalus Maximus<br />PL OG Kush<br />PL Perky 5ths<br />PL Sines And Omens<br />PL Soft Plucks<br />PL Sunburst<br />PL Synth Harp<br />PL Synth Sitar<br />&nbsp;</p>