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For Spire owners who are looking for modern synthwave leads, swirling arps and amazing bass sounds, this package is a must. The sounds are amazing and ready to be used in productions right out of the box - certainly a must-have for every serious synthwave producer. Due to the versatility of the patches, they are also suitable for genres such as EDM or even Pop. Since all presets come packed in one soundbank, installation is as easy as "drag & drop" and you are ready to go. Highly recommended!

As TAL U NO LX is the virtual emulation of the popular Juno 60, it is not surprising that synthwave artist Michael Oakley delivers an outstanding bank of patches for this synth. All sounds are highly useable and exactly to the point. But not only synthwave or outrun producers benefit from this set, it is also suitable for most melodic electronic music, including e.g. typical 80s music and italo disco. Great value for money and definitely a revaluation of TAL U NO LX.

What can I say about this AMAZING Spire preset bank? If you're a synthwave artist, either just starting out or a seasoned veteran, then you MUST BUY THIS PACK! This is for the Spire VST, and let me tell you, not only is Spire amazing by itself, but with this bank from Michael Oakley, you will be churning out synthwave hits in no time. He covers not only presets he used in his California EP, but also covers a wide range of other artists in the genre. The presets are named accordingly either to the song that he used them in, or in the artist name of which they sound like. I have to say, his recreations are spot on.His passion of the genre, and epic attention to detail are clearly reflected in this patch, and the sounds that come forth are truly both inspiring and productive. No longer hunting for that perfect synthwave sound...they are all here in this patch and works with all major DAWS.Get the tools you need, and support a great artist while doing so! Get the Spire Synthwave Essentials Vol 1.Trust me you'll be glad you did.



Great patches. All his stuff is great, and we get the EP of songs as well! :) Very friendly and active artist on Facebook and cares about the music and helping other synthwavers. Can't wait to sneak some of these patches in with other gear and devices to create something awesome.

Really great collection of sounds for one of my favorite VST's.

Really well thought out & great sounding patches. This pack made it onto my latest EP "Summer Endless" (VIC-20) These sounds really sit well in the mix.

Superb collection of patches for the lush Tal U NO LX. Silky!

Amazing patches. Absolutely love the pads and the basses!

I think this is one of the best preset packs out for synthwave. Very versatile and professional. Great sounds!

I can't wait to make some dreamy 80s music with this (my IG: Wanted to buy this as soon as I heard those KEYS (Hughes Bell, High School 84). Thanks so much for sharing this, the drums are also a big plus. Cheers! :D

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