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Stilz Sample Pack Vol. 1 Drums & Bass
TAL U No LX Contains Drums
<p>This sample pack contains various bass line loops and midi files, drum kits (specifically those created and used by&nbsp;Stilz). Two tracks containing midi files with loops (no drums).</p><p>Learn the secret bassline creations of&nbsp;Stilz&nbsp;with included midi files.</p><p>This is a production pack that contains various elements to aid your synthwave, outrun, dark synth style projects</p><p><b>Included in this pack:</b></p><ul><li>A total of 74 elements which includes:</li><li>19 MIDI file total with 19 WAV file counterpart.</li><li>Two inspiration tracks with MIDI and WAV are included in this (minus drums)&nbsp;</li><li>9 Kicks</li><li>9 Snares</li><li>7 Hihats</li><li>6 claps</li><li>5 Tal-U-NO- LX presets 3x BASS, 1x ARP, 1x STAB</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p>