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Empty Vessel

Empty Vessel

I try to keep my packs fairly small, 50-100 patches usually. This way I can take a focussed approach to the patch design and pour the maxiumum amount of time, care and love into each preset and sample.

I’ve been programming synthesisers since the mid 80s, beginning with a Siel Opera6 (DK600/Kiwi) analog poly and adding a Yamaha DX21 shortly thereafter. With the benefit of all the free time and boundless enthusiasm we seem to have when we’re young I spent huge amounts of time getting to know these two synths inside out.

Fast-forward an uncomfortable number of years and a lot of changes in studio contents and these days I’m mostly software-based with a few nice hardware synths and an ever expanding soft spot for vintage samplers :) I like dark, gritty, dirty sounds and sometimes lush and warm, I'm always trying to squeeze imperfection and life into my sounds.

Empty Vessel is my only job as a one-man company operating wherever my laptop, my Zoom H5 and an internet connection happen to be wandering around the beautiful country of New Zealand and beyond. As such, I very much appreciate your support in purchasing packs and allowing me to continue doing what I love and making more sounds for you to use in your music.

All the best, Greg.