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Synthwave with a backdrop of 80s beats. It's Pretty Awesome.

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Beckett - Tal U No LX - 42 Presets Vol.2
TAL U No LX Soundbank
<p>The second volume in the Beckett Artist series of TAL UNO LX presets.&nbsp;</p><p>A new collection of 42 original sounds used in my own synthwave library.&nbsp;</p>
Beckett - Tal U No LX - 42 Presets
TAL U No LX Soundbank
<p>These are a collection of sounds I have used for the past 4 years from my first album to my latest work. You&#39;lll find a Tal Beckett Preset in everytrack from the last 4 albums!&nbsp;</p><p>The track attached is &#39;China Cry&#39;, apart from the kit, the full instrument set is from these presets.&nbsp;</p>