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I'm 18 years old. My real name is Mathew Vaughan. I started producing in 2012 and was addicted to production ever since. I use Ableton Live 9 and Logic Pro X. Some of my musical influences are deadmau5, Tiësto, Nero, Justice, MOTi, and Daft Punk.

I also make packs for synths sometimes too!

Recent uploads

Contains Drums XFER Serum
<p><strong>Description:</strong></p><p>Matt Vorn Electronic Kicks Volume 1 includes over 100 high fidelity electronic kick sounds and over 280 presets for Xfer Record&rsquo;s Serum that are suitable for any contemporary production.</p><p>14 sampled kicks are also included from tracks by Ti&euml;sto, John Christian, Max Martin (Ariana Grande, Katy Perry), Chris Lorenzo, Swedish House Mafia,&nbsp;Adele, Matt Vorn, and more.</p><p><strong>The sample pack includes:</strong></p><p>&nbsp;&ndash; 30 Big Kicks</p><p>&nbsp;&ndash;&nbsp;30 Distorted Kicks</p><p>&nbsp;&ndash; 30 Short Kicks</p><p>&nbsp;&ndash;14 Sampled Kicks</p><p><strong>Bonus items include (over 280 presets for Xfer Records&rsquo; Serum):</strong></p><p>&nbsp;&ndash;&nbsp;MV01 for Serum</p><p>&nbsp;&ndash; MV02 for Serum</p><p>&nbsp;&ndash; MV03 for Serum</p><p>&nbsp;&ndash;&nbsp;Massive Wavetables for Serum</p>
<p>I&#39;m MATT VORN&nbsp;and I&#39;m currently available for custom preset requests, i will create tailored presets for you or recreate sounds you link me to, if possible.&nbsp;If i cannot fulfil your request, you will be refunded by The Patchbay. If the request is a recreation, please PM me.</p><ul><li>Lead times: 1 -10 Patches: 24 hours. 10+ Patches: 7 days.</li><li>Synth available for requests: <b>SERUM</b></li><li>Im comfortable with genres such as <strong>Synthwave, EDM</strong>&nbsp;and <strong>Outrun</strong></li></ul>
<p>MV French House is MATT VORN&rsquo;s second free pack on ThePatchBay. It contains 30 expertly crafted; extremely user friendly presets with macro/mod mapped controls to quickly adjust the presets in seconds to your liking. The sounds are inspired by both Justice and Daft Punk, including generic French House sounds.</p><p><strong>This pack requires Serum Version 1.113b or higher to run ALL presets.</strong></p>
<p>Over 85 high fidelity presets ready to use for any genre with macro controls mapped in every preset. Sounds range from deep 80s basses, to compelling atmospheric textures, to modern epic dance leads. All for the cost of nothing. Sounds are inspired by REZZ, Nero, Deadmau5, Justice, Daft Punk, Martin Garrix, Tiësto, and many, many more! *Includes all Native Instruments Massive Wavetables</p><p>Instructions:</p><p>- Place the &lsquo;MV03&rsquo; folder inside your Serum presets folder in the Serum Directory. - Place the &lsquo;Massive&rsquo; folder inside the Tables folder in the Serum Directory.<br />- Start up your DAW and enjoy :D</p><p>MV02 (MV01 Included) Link:</p><p></p><p>To say thanks, follow my stuff:</p><p></p><p>SERUM MUST BE VERSION 1.113B OR HIGHER TO RUN ALL PRESETS</p><p>*If your serum version is not legit, you will likely be running 1.110b or below, in this case, only some presets may load. So buy it, or rent using If you have a legit copy, I highly recommend updating!</p><p>Special thanks to Gary Falcon Lang and ThePatchBay for your services: https://</p><p>Special thanks to everyone in the Music Producers Facebook Group: https://;</p>
MV12 for Serum [MV01 and MV02 Bundle]
Soundbank XFER Serum
<p>Featuring 180+ masterfully crafted ultra-high fidelity presets with sounds inspired from Vandalism, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Nero, Avicii, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, M83., and many more!</p><p>The&nbsp;MV12&nbsp;for Serum download will include:<br>-&nbsp;MV02&nbsp;for Serum<br>- MV01 for Serum<br>- Native Instruments Massive Wavetables<br>- Installation Instructions</p><p><strong>*Will require XFER Serum v1.10b5 or higher to run all presets.</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p>