Crystal Clarity Synthwave Drums 1&2

A review by Mr. Night.

This pack includes:

4 claps

7 cows

29 crash

47 hats

19 kicks

27 snares

19 toms

Brad Ritz (in collaboration with Arcade Summer) has released a master set of drum samples that would make any 80s track complete before it even began.

These high quality samples were taken from authentic drum machines, generated noise, a glok, a hammer, a piece of cheese, an old woman on a bus and finally they were all processed through a garden hose for optimal compression and were then tediously tweaked to be the clearest, most crisp drum samples available on the internet.

And I'm not even just saying that.

Lets take a look at the goodies included in these two bad-ass packs.


These packs include 19 powerful and clear kick samples.

There are kicks that suit genres of music from Outrun, to Chillwave and everything in between.

They have been carefully put together so that layering your kicks is very simple and intuitive and the payoff is epic!


With 27 crispy snare drums to choose from, finding the right sound for your track is a click away.

With minimal tweaking needed after laid in, simply EQ to taste and treat as you would a loose lady after a few drinks.

The work is mostly already done ;)


High hats are one of the easily overlooked elements of your drum rack.

Finding samples that stand out can be a real pain in the cunt... so here are 47 of the bastards.

Not only are they crispy and clean, they are perfectly compressed to fit inside your track.

I can't stress enough how nice some of these are, they cut right through any mix and add a very authentic 80s vibe, and even adds a bit of a cheese factor!


These toms... They are just so punchy and dope.

19 individual samples that suit all genres of music, not limited to 80s.

But one thing is for sure.. if you are wanting to add some power or drive into your track, programming these into fills is quite fulfilling!


Another easily overlooked element to anyone's arsenal is some high quality crash cymbal samples.

20 samples, some acoustic, some sampled... ALL amazing!

You can easily find spots to add some flavor when you hear these behind your mix.

I also found during testing that you can layer these quite well to give a very nice reverberated effect.

Simply EQ one with a longer release to be heavy in the highs, and EQ one with a fast release higher in the mids, and pan them left to right.


What kind of Synthwaver would you be if you didn't have at least one track featuring yourself on "lead cowbell".

Well, here are 7 amazing quality and very clicky cowbells to aid in your synthwave endeavors!


And finally... I saved my personal favorite for last.

I almost always have a clap track in my tunes, and finding claps that spread across the spectrum can be hard...

Well Mr. Ritz has done the work for us and invented a synthwavers Philosophers Stone.

These are just the clappiest claps available on the internet.

If you don't believe me, get the pack and see for yourself.

Your mixes will never be the same after purchasing this pack.


These two packs could be the foundation of any professionals repertoire and I don't think a single person would have a bad thing to say about it.

In fact, some of the best known producers in the genre are using these samples as we speak...

Maybe you can pick them out!

Now, lets us sit back and ponder the universe and all of its mysteries while we listen to this demo track created by Brad to showcase the samples.

And while that happens, just know that life is groovy, Synthwave kicks ass and that there is a community like The PatchBay where you can find the most amazing samples on the internet and some of the most talented producers offering their sounds and production aids.