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This weeks blog spot shines a light on the French Synth Maestro himself ‘Absolute Valentine’. As a major influence on the scene we know today he draws inspiration from 80s cult movies and films. His Neon soaked 80s infused tracks have made their way onto playlists worldwide.


I had a chat with him to find the man behind the music….Enjoy!



S:   What's your background, were you always a performer?
AV:  I have always practised music.  I began with piano and after I switched to guitar. When I was 18 years old, I was in metal band and I was guitarist. Three years later, I stopped playing with this band and begin to buy studio stuff and an analog synthesizer. At this point I become a synth and studio geek.
S:   In your opinion, what makes a good gig?
AV: To me, a good gig is first a nice human adventure, meeting amazing people and artists. I think the common passion to the music is the most important. Even if it's a little gig or a big one, the public and the artist have to share the same feeling and everything becomes magic.
S: Do you have a day job? How do you balance it with your passion for producing world-class music and building your brand?
AV: I don't have a day job; some years ago I made a choice. We get only one life, only one chance to do what we trust in. So myself and Darren Detoni have launched a label called Lazerdiscs Records, it takes all my time, I promote others artists, I consider them as my family. But for sure I have to find a balance to also produce my own music. I can say I use 80 % of my time for the label and the rest for Absolute Valentine and my own life.
Check out the Lazerdiscs website:
S:  Does social media help promote your brand – do you find that its helps?
AV: Social Media is a big chance nowadays.  I began to produce music before Myspace was launched, and it was quite hard to find the public. Today we have an amazing tool, social media is crucial to find an audience. Doing music is just one part, promoting is also as much important. We now are able to communicate easily with fans, so we should do it!  The downside is when you don't get fan base you need to make a lot of effort with social media and sometimes it's time killer.
Check out Absolute Valentine's Twitter: & Facebook:
S:  What is your favourite 80s film and why?
AV: My favorite 80's movie is for sure Robocop, when I produced 42nd Street I was inspired by this movie.  To me this movie is visionary, as it seems the world wants more security, there are more terrorist attacks, ultra-liberalism seems to find its place all around, poverty touches more and more people and we as humans are connected to machines. I imagine in 20 years we would choose robots for security. 
S:  Who are you currently listening to?
AV: Ok you got me, I don't listen to a Synthwave band right now, I listen to The Glitch Mob, the last album is just a masterpiece. If you haven't listen to it yet, open Spotify and do it !!!


S: What’s next for Absolute Valentine in 2018?


AV: After 2 years, I finally get the time to produce a new album; it will be released in November 2018. Some new gigs will be announced soon. Also there will perhaps get others surprises regarding the merchandise side and a special Police Heartbreaker release.
S: Who would be your major influences on the scene?
AV: I don't really get influenced by the Synthwave scene, but if I should choose it would be Waveshaper, Robert Parker, Anoraak, Gunship, and Carpenter Brut.
S: What personal advice would you give someone who’d like to pursue this career?
AV: I would said be patient and do the best as you can each time. Don't release too much and grow your fan-base at the maximum.
S: What sort of Software/Hardware do you use? Do you have a preference?
AV: In the past I used to use hardware, but since I got more and more gigs, I have another portable system. I use Ableton Live, some plug ins too, my favorite ones are Fabfilter. To control my set up, I use Ableton Push 2 and a Novation Remote SL Mk2. I still own synthesizers, Moog Sub Phatty and many drum machines as a Roland TR 707, 909 and more.
To me the most important part of your set up is your room and your PA system. I love the brand Adam for the speakers
S: What do you like to do to relax?
AV: I practice some sport and Yoga. I also love to cook some Asian food.
S: If you could collaborate with anyone else on the scene who would it be & why
AV: I would love to collaborate with Waveshaper as we have things in common in our productions and also because we enjoy to be together on the road. Also I would love to collaborate with Robert Parker as we get so much fun each time we met. But that's not all there are so much artists I would love to work with as The Toxic Avenger, Anoraak, Maethelvin, Gunship, Danger, Vitalic and many more ...



There you have it folks..

Absolute Valentine is a guy in demand and plays live regularly.

Upcoming gigs include Lazerdiscs Synthwave release party 15th June in Birmingham UK:



Neon Synth Festival, Rhode Island, USA alongside Dana Jean Phoenix, Robert Parker & Waveshaper:


Download Police Heartbreaker now: