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Interviews by music producers and other industry trend setters.
28 Sep Ace Buchannon Interview
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Who is Ace Buchannon and where do you hail from?I'm a Finnish guy, in my 30s, a software developer during day and Synthwave producer Ace Buchannon at night. I live and work in Helsinki, Finland.Music makes me emotional and gives me goosebumps. I can ..
25 Jul Beckett Releases Hot New Single: Homewrecker
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Today see’s the much anticipated release of Beckett’s new single “Homewrecker” and I got a great chance to interview him on his life as a musician, what’s coming up in 2018 and lots more besides..take a look!  Click here! _______________     ..
21 Jul Gregorio Franco Q&A
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  Greetings Sinners,   This post is to allow me a little dark indulgence if you will.   Today’s interview is coming from the opaque void inhabited by a one Mr. Gregorio Franco.   Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A he strides between his ma..
16 Jun Q&A: VHS Dreams
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Salutations Synthriders!  Today we focus on an artist that has quite the Synth footprint on the scene as we know it today. VHS Dreams at its core is a music and art project that is the brainchild of Greek Music Virtuoso George Dervenagas.  His Debut..
25 May Q&A: Absolute Valentine
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Greetings Synthriders,   This weeks blog spot shines a light on the French Synth Maestro himself ‘Absolute Valentine’. As a major influence on the scene we know today he draws inspiration from 80s cult movies and films. His Neon soaked 80s infused ..
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