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    09 May Development Update 3.1.44
    The Patchbay 0 341
    Welcome to the latest development update (3.1.44). I will periodically write these to showcase the new features & fixes acros..
    07 May What exactly is The Patchbay looking for in a creator?
    The Patchbay 1 335
    The champion of chance?When I began building The Patchbay, I was up against all odds. Statistically, 45% of businesses fail w..
    12 Feb Review: Crystal Clarity Synthwave Drums 1&2
    MrNight 0 777
    Crystal Clarity Synthwave Drums 1&2A review by Mr. Night.This pack includes:4 claps7 cows29 crash47 hats19 kicks27 snares19 t..
    28 Jan List of free retro-esque VST plugins
    MrNight 0 756
    1. Xfer Records OTTXfer Records is notable for their brilliant generation programming, for example, Serum, LFO Tool, and Cth..
    28 Sep Ace Buchannon Interview
    Synthronicity 0 3059
    Who is Ace Buchannon and where do you hail from?I'm a Finnish guy, in my 30s, a software developer during day and Synthwave p..
    25 Jul Beckett Releases Hot New Single: Homewrecker
    Synthronicity 0 7665
    Today see’s the much anticipated release of Beckett’s new single “Homewrecker” and I got a great chance to interview him on h..
    21 Jul Gregorio Franco Q&A
    Synthronicity 0 865
     Greetings Sinners, This post is to allow me a little dark indulgence if you will. Today’s interview is coming fr..
    01 Jul Lazerdiscs Synthwave Release Party 15th June
    Synthronicity 0 952
     Greetings Synthriders,I thought this time I’d do a personal review of the Lazerdiscs Synthwave Event that just happened..