Handling shipping with The Patchbay

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Shipping is now enabled site wide. You have 2 options when controlling shipping through The Patchbay. You can automate custom shipping rules and apply a blanket set of rules to your listings. You can also override this individually on your listing on a per product basis. 

To enable shipping on a listing, select no on digital product.




This wont affect listings that have a hybrid of physical and digital content, the download you assign will still reach the customers downloads.


To apply a blanket set of shipping rules (combined) navigate to settings and add rules within the shipping tab.



To override the blanket rule and apply an individual shipping rule to an individual listing, tick 'override' in the shipping part of the listing.



You can select what country you are delivering from. You can set processing time. You can set what zone you are posting to, which shipping method, ( If yours isn't listed, contact us to add it.) The cost of shipping said item and also, the cost for each individual extra item. You can even tick free delivery and completely disregard delivery costs. Useful for running promotions.



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