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A  general guidance and rule section for submitting a listing on The Patchbay.


Please ensure you read this before listing.


In this section, we will talk about the importance of making an impact with a listing. A  successful listing is one that works, looks great and sounds great.


With a bit of effort on pushing great content, you can be felt far and wide


The tools are extremely powerful to automate your catalog, spending a little time understanding the individual parts helps you make great listings at much faster rates, essentially green-lighting your brand.


"Anything we can do you can do better"

-You hold many of the powers we do, the nature of progression allows you to really dial down with the tools in intuitive ways that were not thought possible.



When considering a listing, think what do I want to shine my light on? The name should be clear and descriptive. Think about what type of listing it's going to be and ultimately, think about what kind of things it will need to do. There are separate guides you can find on each individual listing, you can find them here: [Reserved] You will need to stick to the basic format.


You can also visit the listing builder overview to discover the workings of each individual tool:  [Reserved]


If you want to learn more about shipping visit this link: Shipping




The basics of building a listing are simple. You have a great level of control in your dashboard, to ensure fair and correct delivery, one must understand that specific listings will need specific formats in which the guides are set out for as a standard model. This ensures a streamlined experience, increases conversion for you, ensures smooth delivery and ultimately, keeps your machine well oiled.


Not all, but certain listings require options. Sample packs, for example, don't need options.

An example of one that does would be mastering. Options, in short, allow you to add interactive modules to the listing for users to choose. Things that are integral to services or certain requirements such as file upload boxes, text fields, and checkboxes. These modules have parameters you can modify and they can even be mandatory. There are predefined options available, but you can create your own custom options, and even modify them further in the builder once selected.


Make sure your description is honest and upfront. Describe the listing thoroughly accounting for any questions you feel it may raise in its current state.


You can also format with HTML, add links and upload videos. Do not link to dangerous locations externally, intentionally. Doing so can result in an account ban.


Ensure the image is clear, descriptive, good looking and conforms to the square standard for audio. Try to keep it below 100kb to ensure most devices won't have trouble accessing the site.

You can upload multiple images and even sort their priority.


If you would like to create a digital product select the 'this is a digital product' option. This will disable shipping.


Ensure the listing is placed in the correct category. You can add the listing to more than one where it applies.


If you do not wish to deplete stock, set the quantity to 1 and choose no on subtract stock.


If you do wish to deplete stock, set desired quantity and choose yes on subtract stock.


If you hold stock of a physical item, you can modify the quantity for it. 


Alternatively, if you sell different versions of stock, such as sizes or colors, you can assign options and assign a quantity to them so that you can account for the quantity of individual stock. 


Examples of this where merchandise is concerned, options such as S, M or L or blue, pink, red or types of finishes.


You can create your own options here: You can then assign the option in the builder and modify rules once it has been verified by the admin team.


Ensure your prices are fair, this is a marketplace where you have control, be competitive but don't undermine others.


Ensure the download is assigned and uploaded. If the customer does not see a download if they purchase it from you, it will increase the volume of support tickets. You can request a 100% coupon at any time to test your listing.


If it is an audio product, ensure you upload audio to showcase what you are offering. Direct audio products without an audio demo will be disabled until audio is uploaded. Ask yourself, would you purchase it without a demo?


You can set the out of action message people receive when the stock is depleted. If the item is due back in stock in a few days, select 2-3 days. If the item has no stock available, choose out of stock. If you have a service listing that has depleted your allowed orders (quantity) You can select either unavailable or unavailable for requests. The latter helps you to limit workload.


If you wish to ship an item to the buyer's address, navigate to my orders, click on the search icon on the order and their address will be presented. Once you have posted the order, you can message the buyer from the same page to let them know, add order tracking or upload files. You can also modify the order status to notify the buyer it has been shipped. 


If you update a download, you can let customers know individually, or alternatively, contact us and we will bulk email the customers of your listing.


Do not abuse the messaging system. The messaging system is designed to be a communication platform and the system is monitored at all times. We can intervene during disputes and also identify bots and scammers ensuring your trade is as safe as humanly possible.




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