create intuitive digital listings, total control


Track your trends, tweak your goals


Extend your reach, help others

The Patchbay is essentially a content management system. It is a solution that bridges the gap between creator & fan, service & client, artist & listener.

The platform allows your content to reach customers in an honest and transparent way, effectively building your reputation.

Selling your content & services on your own platform or website can be costly and time-consuming to manage.

Creating a vendor account on The Patchbay is free, it's easy and it's ultimately rewarding.

It is a completely automated system that handles orders, accounts and payments so you don't have to.

The Patchbay allows you to truly focus on what matters most, your content.


The music industry is evolving but so are we, we continue to add new tools for you to use.

We help you get your brand seen, heard & felt across our network, with stable, secure and efficient delivery.

With access to core analytics and Google analytics integration, track your sales, views & trends.

Manage reviews & questions in real time to truly connect with the people who connect with you.

Gain access to the conversation system to answer questions, update shipping info or liaise with clients.

Why wait, become part of The Patchbay and create your vendor account today to start selling.

*Subject to pre-verification checks

what can we do for you

The dashboard is built in a way that tracks analytics and sales on the fly. What you see is what you get, why be told what you're selling, see for yourself, be in control. 

Automate orders


The platform is built to be automated, you don't need to manually take care of orders, the system does it for you.

Automate downloads

Downloads are automated. When a fan buys your content, if it's digital, they will receive it instantly.

Keep your work in one place

We allow you to create any listing you can monetize. Commercial audio material, mastering, custom patch creation, merchandise, music. As time evolves, so will you, so will we.

Fans at your fingertips

Our network connects to over 5000 fans and 1500 paying customers. This is only the beginning. We believe in organic reach, not hounding. We build a website you bookmark, not blacklist. 

Safety and reliability

Hosting on SSD's, SSL and PCI compliance are a standard of our practice.

Listing tools

We offer intuitive and easy to use tools to upload your listings, fast.

Search engine ready

The Patchbay is fully SEO ready. Searches on major search engines account for over 40% of our traffic.

Social integration

We integrate your listings into our social posts to improve reach, but that's only the surface. We build sharing tools into the listings themselves and also direct portals to your socials from the listings and your profile.

Marketing material

We create bespoke marketing material which we host around our network to improve the reach of your content. 

Freelancing, on your terms