The Patchbay is built on an integral ideology of egalitarianism, by growing as an organic community.

You can be part of this by simply sharing the content via a tracking url. If someone buys something from your shared url, you will earn 5% of the sale.


There are a few simple rules:


Please do not SPAM links

Please do not post links where rules state the specified content is not allowed.

Please do not use the links or any link associated with The Patchbay and its partners in a negative manner that would bring disrepute to the platform or its partners.

Do not abuse the affiliate system, it is designed to benefit both vendors AND members of the affiliate system, this can be taken away at any time without notice.

If a sale is successfully actioned and you receive a % and for whatever reason, the sale is refunded, your % will be deducted. 


The current rate is 5%

Be Affiliated