Due to high demand and the nature of the commercial content, once you apply for a vendor account here you MUST also contact us with demos and examples. 

In the near future, this form will be streamlined to one single page, and all applications can be completed with this single form.

As the platform only currently offers commercial content which has to go through various verification and quality procedures & checks, we really cannot stress enough that your account cannot be activated until you contact us. This is to verify you are who you say you are, and to verify and confirm you meet the reasonable commercial quality standards.

Please also make sure before creating a vendor account you read and understand the selling terms, the terms are very transparent and detail your rights and obligations as a vendor for The Patchbay.

You can contact us here



From 1st of June 2018 All new vendors will recieve the following:

Soundbanks: 65% to you +5% if Exclusive to The Patchbay

Samplepacks: 65% to you +5% if Exclusive to The Patchbay

MIDI data: 65% to you +5% if Exclusive to The Patchbay

Project Files: 65% to you +5% if Exclusive to The Patchbay

PayPal fees: Our fees for customer payment processing combined with the fee to process payment into your account totals up-to 7%

From Aug 1st 2018 there will be a 2% deduction per sale to cover payment to your account, The Patchbay will absorb the remaining 5% to process the initial payment.




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