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48 patches of wibbly, noisy, dusty, wavetably, glitchy goodness but also at times warm and friendly, like a kitten, but one that might freak out and bite you at any second.Based on 200Mb of original samples taken from my pack: Icarus for Dmitry Sches superb synthesiser Thorn.

Icarus for TAL Sampler

Now Playing:
  • Adrift.mp3
  • Angel Grinder.mp3
  • Chronology 2.mp3
  • Chronology.mp3
  • Comforter.mp3
  • Crystalline Formations.mp3
  • DNA Sequencing.mp3
  • Daedalus.mp3
  • Decaying Woodwind.mp3
  • Icarus Ascends.mp3
  • Icarus Fallen.mp3
  • My PPG is Broken.mp3
  • Number Station.mp3
  • Re-Evolved.mp3
  • The Calm Before.mp3
  • The Changeling.mp3
  • The Clock Maker.mp3
  • Unidentified Organism.mp3
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  • Status: Available
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Tags: dark, ambient, samples, samplepack, glitch, tal, dusty, vintage