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Dune 2

Immersion for DUNE 2
Presets Dune 2 -30 %
[Immersion: /ɪˈməːʃ(ə)n/ the act of putting someone or something completely under liquid, or the deep mental involvement in something.]Taking a deep dive into atmospheric depths, Immersion is the debu..
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Dark Cyberpunk for Dune 2
Presets Dune 2
What's inside? 14 Bass Patches10 Lead Patches7 Pad Patches6 Plucked Patches3 SFX Patches  This soundbank contains 40 patches which are dedicated to the dark side of cyberpunk themed..
Synthwave with DUNE 2 Preset Pack
Exclusive Dune 2
Synthwave with Dune 2... dont want the full FL Studio Template, but love the sounds? Well you can get the Dune 2 presets right here! 4 presets designed for Synthwave.....
Synthwave with DUNE 2
Exclusive Project File Samples Dune 2
This is a Synthwave template for FL Studio 12 using FL Native plugins and Dune 2...
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