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Drum material.

Darksynth & Cyberpunk
Contains Drums
Laniakea Sounds presents “Darksynth & Cyberpunk” – a wicked collection of lo-fi sounds designed to make your sounds evil, hazy and powerful like a dark cyberpunk with an authenti..
Cinematic Tools
Contains Drums
‘Cinematic Tools’ is a brand new sample library from Laniakea Sounds, providing you fresh and experimental cinematic sounds includes ethereal atmospheres, unique vocal atmospheres, inspiri..
Soundbank Contains Drums -40 %
We all loved so many aspects of these machines, some good sounds, some not so great. So why not mix and match all their elements to your liking? SYNTHFUNK aims to do this with high-quality EQing on th..
£16.00 £9.60
OSC - Girls On Bikes - Drums & Bass Sample Pack (Inc. Valhalla Reverb Presets & MIDI Drum Loops)
Soundbank MIDI Pack Contains Drums
Get some OSC styled Funk and Strut in your music with the Girls On Bikes: Drums & Bass Sample Pack.Drums: The complete drum sample set from the Girls On Bikes EP, personally curated from a mixture..
Soundbank Contains Drums V-Prom
Introducing eprom night 3 arcade editionA huge instrument collection for Aly James Lab's VPROM VSTi.Created with 8 bit, 16 bit, arcade sound chips, C64/SID, YM2612, and more. Perfect for chiptune prod..
64 Patches for Roland Boutique JP-08 by ABOBO 64 Patches for Roland Boutique JP-08 by ABOBO
Soundbank Contains Drums JP-08
Presenting The Sound of the '80s - 64 Patches for the Roland Boutique JP-08. Includes bonus drum sounds made by the JP-08 in .WAV 48,000khz..
Singularity - Hard Hybrid Trap
MIDI Pack Contains Drums
Origin Sound is proud to present Singularity, arguably our most forward thinking hybrid pack to date, a library armed to the hilt with uniquely crafted sonics.Providing the foundation of Singularity i..
Hip Hop Plates - Dusty 12” Vinyls
MIDI Pack Contains Drums
Origin Sound proudly presents, one of our biggest Hip Hop packs to date - Hip Hop Plates. Over 900MB of crackly goodness, a library that is primed and ready to be thrown into your sequencer or sampler..
Ambient Flow - Downtempo & Chill
MIDI Pack Contains Drums
After a short hiatus, Origin Sound is excited to be back with a new and exciting ambient focussed pack in the form of Ambient Flow. A diverse library full of ethereal chord progressions, soaring pads,..
Altered States - Downtempo Hip Hop
MIDI Pack Contains Drums
Origin Sound proudly presents Altered States, a downtempo library that tastefully fuses delicate musical elements with the production aesthetic of contemporary Hip Hop.The foundation of Altered S..
FREE Contains Drums CasioCZ
64 free drum and percussion patches for your Casio CZ synthesizer.Check out the other patch sets to hear audio demos of DrumstiCZ patches in use.You are purchasing a downloadable zip of 64 .SYX format..
Contains Drums XFER Serum
Description:Matt Vorn Electronic Kicks Volume 1 includes over 100 high fidelity electronic kick sounds and over 280 presets for Xfer Record’s Serum that are suitable for any contemporary product..
Future Waves - Electronic Vibes & Soul
MIDI Pack Contains Drums
Origin Sound is proud to present Future Waves, a library that continues to push the boundaries of the exciting “Future” movement that is producing a wealth of talent and innovation. E..
Shangri-La - Organic Elements
MIDI Pack Contains Drums
Shangri-La“A mystical, harmonious valley”Origin Sound takes you on a journey to Shangri-La, a serene sonic environment overflowing with lucid melodies and starry chord progressions.&n..
Hip Hop Haze - Essential Crates & Breaks
MIDI Pack Contains Drums
Origin Sound proudly presents Hip Hop Haze, one of our biggest packs to date, coming with crackly samples reminiscent towards the glorious vinyl era, with an overall sonic aesthetic that aligns w..
Hip Hop Soul - Organic Jazz Sessions
Contains Drums
Origin Sound proudly presents Hip Hop Soul, a serene library filled to the brim with a gorgeous blend of delicate Rhodes, soulful pianos, smooth guitars, versatile drums, and much more, providing..
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