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    Hey there! I am a sound designer and aspiring composer from germany with a passion for cyberpunk and scifi, especially in music and soundtracks but as well in fashion, films and media generally. :) 

    If you have questions regarding my products or services, you can contact me via email here:


    Most recent

    MEGA CITY 6 for Dune 2/3
    Artist Presets Dune 2 Sound Designer
    'Mega City 6' is a brand new, well crafted cyberpunk soundset for Dune 2 & Dune 3 by Voider. This soundset captures the futuristic and powerful atmosphere of cyberpunk media and is specifi..
    Dark Cyberpunk for Dune 2
    Presets Dune 2 Sound Designer
    This soundbank contains 40 patches which are dedicated to the dark side of cyberpunk-themed music. From classical to modern synthwave, and even to the big cinematic Scifi - "Dark Cyberpunk" ..