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    Diva Expansion (Diva Presets)
    Presets Diva Sound Designer -25 %
    New Loops presents Diva Expansion - 76 powerful and inspiring Diva presets showcasing the best of classic analogue and modern digital sounds. Each patch in this Diva sound bank has been..
    £19.99 £14.99
    Diva Expansion 2 (Diva Presets)
    Diva -25 %
    Diva Expansion 2 - 76 Presets for DivaNew Loops Diva Expansion 2 is the new sound bank for U-he Diva. 76 huge Diva presets featuring massive analogue pads, beautiful keys and quirky emulatio..
    £19.99 £14.99
    Empyrean (U-he Zebra Presets)
    Presets Zebra -48 %
    New Loops presents Empyrean - the new sound bank for U-he Zebra. 116 inspiring Zebra presets, 22 custom oscillator presets, and 18 MSEG presets. Empyrean makes good use of Zebras new wavefolder a..
    £24.98 £12.99
    Omnisphere Explorer - Omnisphere 2 Presets
    Omnisphere -29 %
    Omnisphere ExplorerOmnisphere Explorer features 185 new Omnisphere 2 patches made entirely with Omnispheres synth engine! No samples were used in the making of this epic sound library which really sho..
    £34.99 £24.99
    Repro-1 Pro Expansion (Repro Presets)
    Presets Repro Sound Designer -35 %
    New Loops is proud to present: Repro-1 Pro Expansion – a new sound bank for U-he Repro-1 software synthesiser. Pro Expansion features a full bank of 128 powerful, modern pres..
    £19.99 £12.99
    Repro-5 Pro Expansion (Repro-5 Presets)
    Presets Repro -35 %
    Repro-5 Pro Expansion is the must have expansion pack to take U-he Repro-5 to the next level. 76 inspiring new presets deliver everything from beautiful vintage keys and brassy synths, to ominous dist..
    £19.99 £12.99
    Universal Dune 3 Presets
    Presets Dune 2 Sound Designer -20 %
    115 New Presets for DUNE 3!New Loops presents: Universal – 115 Dune 3 presets. Universal is the new sound bank for Synapse Audio Dune 3 and takes full advantage of the new features and effects. ..
    £19.99 £15.99
    Wavetable Hive Presets
    Presets Sound Designer -30 %
    Compatible with HIVE 2!New Loops presents Wavetable – 120 new presets for U-he Hive. In the 1.2 update of Hive, U-he introduced wavetable oscillators which opened Hive up to a whole world of new..
    £19.99 £13.99
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