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Introducing the new product import tool

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Posted by The Patchbay 03/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Development,

At The Patchbay, we are constantly bringing new tools to make listing content easier than ever. We would like to introduce the new product import tool. 


What is it? 

It essentially allows you to import products from .CSV at the click of a button. Much like how mail list websites allow you to import emails from .CSV this is essentially the same. If you have a large store, it can be a pain uploading them individually, even with The Patchbays easy to use product upload form. That's where this tool comes in. When you create a product on a website, especially in an e-commerce environment, it will create tables in the database. Tables such as SKU, price, product name, description, META or even the image URL. Most platforms like wordpress and shopify have extensions to allow you to export your data, but if you have access to your database you can export it easily to .CSV.




First, simply browse for your .CSV file with your product data. Click continue and it will go to step 2.



It should auto populate tags for ease but you can modify this to your liking.

All you have to do now, is click to continue. Once you are happy click import data. Done. 


Please Note

You can set specific listings to  private by pressing the minus tool on the listing in your my listings page.



That's it! Done.

You wont need to upload each product individually and it could save your hours or even days.


let us know what you think