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New vendor dashboard 8.10 update

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Posted by The Patchbay 07/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Development,

Dashboard 8.10 Update.



We made a few changes and improvements we think you would like based on feedback and analytics.


What's changed?


- New navigation layout and design

- Improved dashboard blocks

- Improved reporting

- Automatic SEO generator

- Added import tool for stores with multiple products (Import via CSV)

- Added shipping functionality

- Improved breadcrumbs across vendor areas

- Improved file upload handling ( Max limit now 2GB )

- Fixed responsive dashboard layout issues

- Added new custom field fuctionality (WIP)



We covered the new import tool here: View Post




To enable shipping in your product creation page, simply select no on the digital product checkbox and it will transform the creation page into a physical listing page.



It will unlock the new shipping area


You can control and modify your shipping rules either in bulk in your settings or on a per product basis which you can override with 'override combined rules'.

You can select the country of origin and seperate rules for different countries you wish to ship to, the price, the price per extra item, shipping company (more added on request) delivery and processing time.



We have many more updates planned as we continue to develop The Patchbay. As always we remind you that the  site is currently in BETA.

Future roadmap updates include a new GUI, ability to add downloads to options to split packs into multiple parts. New mail list fuctionality for vendors and the ability to access the media player and handle your own audio demo uploads.

Stay tuned.


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