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Arcade Summer - Outrun Patches for TAL U NO LX

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Posted by The Patchbay 30/08/2017 0 Comment(s) Products,


Arcade summer is a monolithic player in the synthwave scene, coming into focus in 2016. He started back in the 80's and was producing music right when bulletin boards were even a thing. With so many years of producing music under his belt, he is one of the most talented retro musicians we have come across to date. 


His pack for TAL U NO LX is a mixture across the board of presets ranging from basses to leads to effects. Every single sound is articulated so well, It's a pack where every single sound is as usable as the next.


In this pack he captures the essence of outrun and synthwave with patches from his own productions. It is one you are going to want to check out! Play the video above to see the pack in action.


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