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    Best Practice Submission Guidance


    This guide will serve as a foundation for ensuring your products & services will look & feel their best and have an equal footing among all the other packs which follow the same guidance.

    You must follow this guide at all costs to ensure high quality is maintained. it will not tell you how to use the builder, but instead all of the semantics of what we require from you when it comes to optics, legalities, formatting & more.

    Originality & Legality

    • Your content must be original and not the work of others. If it is exclusive, then the more original in design, imagery & execution it is, the better.

    • Creating content that doesn't exist for certain trends, genres or synths can put you at a great advantage.

    • Your content must not contain any stolen material, you should be able to provide any source material such as DAW projects or session arrangements to prove authenticity.

    • You cannot take content from a previous sample or preset pack and include it in a new one, it must be original. Failure to comply with this will result in your expulsion.

    • The content you make must comply with all legal agreements between you and the hardware & software you use to make it, this includes EULA's.


    • You must take great visual care when structuring your supporting imagery. Ensure your image is square, 800px x 800px minimum and below 150KB (Our server will further compress this). Ensure your image is JPG and not PNG as this will only cause longer page loads and lower your SEO capability for your listing.

    • Ensure you create relevant high-quality artwork that clearly indicates what the package is for. If you cannot provide your own artwork you must find someone who can do it for you or The Patchbay can intervene to create a high-quality 3D artwork & video demo.

    • If you require artwork & video from The Patchbay, there will be 2 options.
    1. Option A: A blanket charge of £100 GBP which will be deducted from your creator balance. This will provide you with a high-quality 3D artwork & video demo which is also 3D.
    2. Option B: a blanket 40% fee on your product instead of the default 30%. This is per product and will not affect any previous products you have listed.

    • If your product is audio related you MUST include a demo in the audio player. The audio player size limit per file is 20MB and must be mp3.

    • When using the builder, ensure you fill in the META section properly. Failure to do this will result in your content rendering incorrectly in search engines and may take weeks for search engines to rectify any changes, even after you have immediately made them.


    • Ensure you properly format the structure of the content in your package. Compress all contents of your files into a .zip, customers that use Apple MAC systems report problems with .rar files as opposed to zip.

    • Ensure the structure of the files inside are easy to navigate, are uncluttered, and correctly and clearly label the content in their respective folders. For eg. : Rising Sun - ARP.

    • You must accurately describe and explain in detail what you are offering to the users of the platform. You cannot falsely advertise your item, you cannot say the item is for one thing, and provide a package that contains another.

    Culturally appropriate

    Make sure that your content does not contain any major offence to any race, religion or creed. This includes intentionally causing distress and upset, even for the purpose of shock or comedy. Be respectful to others, its not hard. We implore freedom of speech of course, but remember The Patchbay is a private company and in return, has every right to control the platform content. We are an audio production marketplace, not a public urinal, racism has no place on this platform in any of its products or services.

    Useful to others

    Your content & packaging must be useful and relevant to the user's needs. Try to create content for niches you believe to be worth pursuing. We still want you to be adventurous with your ideas.

    If you want to know exactly what to do in the builder, use the guide for products and the guide for services respectively, these will give you a step by step guide on exactly what to do from start to finish.

    The guide for how to specifically list a product or service can be found in the seller dashboard.

    By continuing to use the platform and upload content, you agree to the terms of the selling agreement and the text set out in this documentation.