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Uno LX Vulcan - The Unfinished
TAL U No LX Soundbank
Uno LX Vulcan is a collection 150 patches for the wonderful Uno LX synth, developedby Togu Audio Line.The synth is a fantastically accurate emulation of the classic Roland Juno series ofsynths, and Vu..
Zebra Theta - The Unfinished
Soundbank Zebra
Zebra Theta is a collection of 200 patches for u-he Zebra2. Theta is designed to take Zebra back a few years and create classic synth sounds butwith a little bit of modern, cinematic bite. T..
 32 Original patches for the Roland D-50. These patches are created by me to emulate classic analogue synth sounds for use in all kinds of electronic music. I've had the D-50 since the d..
Michael Oakley Sylenth1 Soundbank
Soundbank Sylenth
This bank contains 64 presets for the VST Sylenth1 which covers retro genres such as Synthwave, Italo & OutrunThis also includes the Ableton file used to make the demo as a bonus..
The Midnight Diva Soundbank
Soundbank Diva
— Diva presets —My official soundbank for U-he Diva34 carefully curated and custom made patches for one of my favorite go-to synths. Warm & punchy 80s basses, nostalgic pads, soft pluc..
Along The Bay - Ableton Project
Project File Sample Pack
Along The Bay - Ableton ProjectRequires : Ableton Live 9 StandardPlugins : Xfer Serum, Native Instruments MassiveThe tracks using Serum and Massive are frozen to play even if you don't have the pl..
Crystal Clarity Synthwave Drums by Arcade Summer Volume 1
Contains Drums
This pack contains, no bs, some of the cleanest synthwave drum samples that you will lay your hands on anywhere on the web. It includes kicks, snares, hats and claps, 94 of them. Using these as t..
Michael Oakley Tal u no lx Volume 2
TAL U No LX Soundbank
After the runaway success of the first bank...He's back with a sequel, full of emotive and nostalgic sounds.36 professional patches to experiment and mould into your own projectsFull of dreamy key..
Michael Oakley - Spire Synthwave Essentials Vol 1 Michael Oakley - Spire Synthwave Essentials Vol 1
Soundbank Spire
Reveal sound’s Spire is currently my favorite virtual synthesizer to use. There isn’t any sound type that I haven’t been able to faithfully recreate in Spire.It’s capable of re..
Luftrum 16, by Luftrum and BigTone
Introducing Luftrum 16 with the subtitle Diva Artisan, a unique dream collaboration between Luftrum & BigTone who teamed up to create a remarkable soundset of 128 brand new presets for U-He Diva, ..
Arcade Summer - Serumwave1
Soundbank XFER Serum
Arcade Summer returns to The Patchbay, this time focusing his efforts on the popular plugin Serum. 31 presets spanning the spectrum of Retrowave...
Soundbank V-Prom
This megapack of instruments for Aly James Lab's VPROM (formerly VLinn) includes preset kits and banks in FXP and FXB format that can be loaded into VPROM.The eproms are the instruments that are l..
unTIL BEN - Bitwig Production & Preset Pack
Project File Sample Pack
 “In this pack, you'll find sounds I used on “Ending Rev”, the EP I released in may 2017, and new ones I made especially for the Patchbay. Bitwig v2.1 advanced and very flex..
Michael Oakley Synthwave TAL U NO LX Soundbank
TAL U No LX Soundbank
Grab this timeless Soundbank for TAL U NO LX by Michael Oakley.Michael offers an insight into some of the most fundamental sounds in his style.36 .pjunoxl patches for TAL U NO LX ranging the entire sp..
Episode 1 of my new series where I construct, program and perform a song totally dawless and with only 80s synths, samplers, drum machines and modules.I do this because I love working like this and se..
Stilz Sample Pack Vol. 1 Drums & Bass
TAL U No LX Contains Drums
This sample pack contains various bass line loops and midi files, drum kits (specifically those created and used by Stilz). Two tracks containing midi files with loops (no drums).Learn the secret..
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