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TAL-Mod 96 Vintage presets
Soundbank TAL MOD
Did you grab TAL-Mod? If you didn't you should! It's a really cool virtual analog synthesizer with unlimited modulation possibilities. I made a bank of 96 presets aimed at synthwave and IDM wh..
Arcade Summer Synthwave Chords Pack 1
18 Synthwave '80s Chord progressions in MIDI format. Excellent to use a template, adapt to your music or to get an idea of some of the classic chords used in '80s synth music...
SIMM CITY VOL 1 is a collection of carefully crafted retro future style drum kits for Aly James Lab's VSDS-X. Based on the SIMMONS SDSV drum kit of the 1980's, the VSDSX VST, which stands for ..
Analogue Hits is a preset pack for u-he Diva, featuring classic sounds emulated from a raft of hit records as well as original sounds in the same style... Swan Audio set out to create the ultimat..
Synth Motions Vol.1 for the TAL - Sampler
Soundbank TAL Sampler
Back in the 80s, when Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown were flying around with their DeLorean through our cinemas, we were just in our early teens and played on the C64, Atari ST or similar machines w..
Polysix Expansion Pack by Arcade Summer
Introducing the Polysix expansion megapack by Arcade Summer. This megapack primarily consists of 3 banks for a total of 96 presets. The aim of these banks were to cover many bases where the factory ba..
VHS Dreams - The Collection Vol.1 - Tal U NO LX
TAL U No LX Soundbank
The Patchbay teamed up with VHS Dreams to bring you a collection of timeless sounds as they appeared in most of his past work. This collection presents you with 25 presets for Tal U No LX that cover t..
Timecop1983 - Deckard's Dream - PG8x Patchbank
Soundbank PG8x
This soundbank has been created with version 2.0 of the free VSTi PG-8x by MArtin Lueder. Operation in older or newer versions should be fine, but is unknown.The SYSEx bank (or individually exported p..
Neon Circuits
Soundbank Diva
100 synthwave inspired presets for u-he Diva by Oblivion Sound Lab. Neon Circuits is the sequel to our free Diva Oblivion soundset, and features 100 handcrafted patches perfect for synthwave prod..
Red Marker TAL U-NO-LX V2
42 awesome handcrafted signature Red Marker sounds for ToguAudioLine's wonderful Juno 60 emulation the TAL U-NO-LX V2, rich analog powerful Basses, Lead synths, ethereal spacey pads, crisp and dre..
Spire Synthwave Essentials Volume 2 - Michael Oakley
Soundbank Spire
On this pack I decided to go more Eurobeat and Italo-Disco, giving it a true Retrowave feel. It's production ready and really does compliment the first pack Volume 1.There are 64 sounds across a w..
Megahit's Retro Radness - soundbank for TAL U-No-Lx
Hey fellow retro heads, this is Megahit.I present you 41 selfmade presets for the TAL U-No-Lx VST: arps, basses, leads, pads, plucks, and fx sounds, carefully crafted for space-themed synthwave and re..
Lunaris Lunaris
Kontakt Instrument
Lunaris is a sample based pad instrument, containing pads only from classic analogue pads to lush ambient pads, cinematic pads and any pads in between including 30 original Luftrum pads from the Proph..
Cavaricci Records - Prophet '08 Outrun
Soundbank Prophet 08
Cavaricci Records proudly presents "Prophet '08 Outrun", an essential collection of sound patches for Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 hardware synthesizer. By purchasing you'l..
Cavaricci Records proudly presents "Retrowave", a hot 10-track songstarter pack divided into selection of top quality loops and one-shots with that special label signature blend. By purchasi..
Soundbank Contains Drums V-Prom
This megapack of instruments for Aly James Lab's VPROM (formerly VLinn) includes instruments in .BIN format that can be loaded into any instrument slot in VPROM. These files are also compatible wi..
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