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Hire Mastering Engineers

Find great engineers who will mix and/or master your tracks/albums

Complete service from the raw stems to the final mastered track.Dynamic and clean. No loudness war.If you wish to contact me for more information, you can do so on this page or my profile, under ..
Track mastering by A Midnight Society.Turnaround time:1-5 tracks: 1-2 working days5-10 tracks: 3-5 working days10+ tracks: please contact prior to ordering with more information. Quantity Discoun..
With Peregrine Mastering, take advantage of proven techniques to master your song. Analog outboard processing in addition to powerful software plugins will get you the best possible sound and vibe for..
Track mastering by Arcade Summer. I will master your track and get it sounding fantastic.Turnaround time:1-5 tracks: 1-2 working days5-10 tracks: 3-5 working days10+ tracks: please contact prior to or..
I am an all digital/ in the box service. I offer mastering services at competitive rates. I use many professional audio suites and strive to maintain the vision and dynamic qualities of your music wit..
Incredibly affordableFast - 72 hour turnaround - If we do not deliver in 72 hours or less, The Patchbay Network will refund you 20%Unlimited revisionsCD Audio or DDP for duplicationDone with hardware ..
Hello, It's Greenwire. We will get the job done how you want it. Lead time is 1-3 days We use an array of software to perfect your master; just check the audio demos!Select your service..
Quality mastering done by an engineer (Thomas MV Hutcherson) in the game since 2003. Careful execution and attention to detail, your mixes will be not only much louder, but will retain their dynamics...
Mixing and Mastering engineer since 2010, with a various genres portfolio.Characteristics:Fast, precise and loudest as possible retaining your 80s dynamics.48 hours per song.2 allowed revisions.E..
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