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Braddokk’s Trendsetters: Future Bass
MIDI Pack Project File Sample Pack
With each sample handcrafted and painstakingly refined, this is the quintessential pack for standing out within the Future Bass genre. With lush, gigantic synth presets and huge, cutting edge drums, a..
Along The Bay - Ableton Project
Project File Sample Pack
Along The Bay - Ableton ProjectRequires : Ableton Live 9 StandardPlugins : Xfer Serum, Native Instruments MassiveThe tracks using Serum and Massive are frozen to play even if you don't have the pl..
unTIL BEN - Bitwig Production & Preset Pack
Project File Sample Pack
 “In this pack, you'll find sounds I used on “Ending Rev”, the EP I released in may 2017, and new ones I made especially for the Patchbay. Bitwig v2.1 advanced and very flex..
Low-Fi Drum Samples and Project File
Project File Sample Pack
A quick intro to soul sampling and down tempo low-fi hip hop beats. This project can be used to explore the mysterious genre of down tempo and low-fi hip hop tracks. Capture the highly sought after so..
Synthwave with DUNE 2
Project File Sample Pack Dune 2
This is a Synthwave template for FL Studio 12 using FL Native plugins and Dune 2...
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