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MIDI data, a useful reference. Find it here.

Arcade Summer Synthwave Chords Pack 2
Exclusive MIDI Pack
Chords pack 1 was a best seller, so here I am with pack 2 which comes jam packed with chords. You can turn them into arps, you can invert them, add to them, build notes around them, mix them and do wh..
OSC - Girls On Bikes - Drums & Bass Sample Pack (Inc. Valhalla Reverb Presets & MIDI Drum Loops)
Exclusive Presets MIDI Pack Drums
Get some OSC styled Funk and Strut in your music with the Girls On Bikes: Drums & Bass Sample Pack.Drums: The complete drum sample set from the Girls On Bikes EP, personally curated from a mixture..
Arcade Summer Synthwave Chords Pack 1
18 Synthwave '80s Chord progressions in MIDI format. Excellent to use a template, adapt to your music or to get an idea of some of the classic chords used in '80s synth music...
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