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Aether - Experimental Ambience

Take voyage and explore the mythic expanse of “Aether”. Immerse yourself with forward th..


Arcade Summer Synthwave Chords Pack 1

18 Synthwave '80s Chord progressions in MIDI format. Excellent to use a template, adapt to your ..


Atmosphere - Downtempo Electronica

Origin Sound is proud to present Atmosphere , a worldly collection of meticulously designe..



Enter the mythic world of “Babylon” –  a unique collection of experimental samples, including m..


Braddokk’s Trendsetters: Future Bass

With each sample handcrafted and painstakingly refined, this is the quintessential pack for standing..


Cutting Edge Collection Vol. 1

Cutting Edge Collection vol, provides you with the essential basics to create a tune from the ground..


Descend - Dark Hip-Hop & Trap

“Descend” is the latest colossus pack from Origin Sound, centred around the driving and ..


Elevate - Ambient Downtempo

Raise your productions to new heights with “Elevate” - A cohesive bank of delicately cra..



Origin Sound are proud to present “Elysian” – A premium library containing a sonic..


Future Waves - Electronic Vibes & Soul

Origin Sound is proud to present Future Waves, a library that continues to push the boundaries ..


Hip Hop Haze - Essential Crates & Breaks

Origin Sound proudly presents Hip Hop Haze, one of our biggest packs to date, coming with crack..


Illusion - Organic Downtempo

Blur the lines between the sounds of electronic and organic textures with “Illusion” &nd..


Organics - Ambient Drums & Foley

Origin Sound is proud to present Organics, a cutting edge collection of meticulously crafted foley a..


Shangri-La - Organic Elements

Shangri-La“A mystical, harmonious valley”Origin Sound takes you on a journey to Sha..


Smooth FM - Classic Hip Hop Radio

Take a drive with Origin Sound, sit back, relax, and tune into Smooth FM, our sexiest pack to d..


Unorthodox Trap - Vol II

Origin Sound proudly presents, a dark, contorted bank of audio samples, in the form of Unorthod..


Utopia Vol I

Origin Sound are proud to present “Utopia” – A new world filled with unheard textu..


Vinyl Era - Lo-Fi Hip Hop Crates

Origin Sound proudly presents Vinyl Era, an extensive collection of crackly samples that sound ..