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Contains Drums XFER Serum
Description:Matt Vorn Electronic Kicks Volume 1 includes over 100 high fidelity electronic kick sounds and over 280 presets for Xfer Record’s Serum that are suitable for any contemporary product..
Fundamental Electronica
-50 %
Embark on an analog journey inspired by artists such as Chrome Sparks, Four tet, Maribou State and more. Blending the lines between Organic, Electronica, Ambience and House, “Fundamental Electro..
£21.99 £11.00
'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4: Synthwave' for NI Massive
Soundbank -50 %
NI Massive Presets'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4' contains 65 presets for NI Massive, designed to fit perfectly into synthwave/retrowave and other oldschool productions.  Both KSD and NMSV formats ..
£10.95 £5.48
'RetroMania' for Synapse-Audio Legend VST and Legend RE (Reason)
Soundbank -50 %
'RetroMania' contains 75 Synapse-Audio Legend presets with a strong retro character, for producers of 70s and 80s Pop music, Synthwave, Funk, Classic Rock and more.    With meaty bas..
£6.95 £3.48
'1984' for PPG Wave 3.V and 2.V
Soundbank -50 %
PPG Wave Presets'Nineteen Eighty Four', a bank of 128 presets, combines oldschool-inspired synth sounds with the addition of somber, chilling textures that reflect the dystopian world described in Geo..
£9.95 £4.98
'8 Bit Synths' for Plogue Chipsounds
Soundbank -50 %
Plogue Chipsounds Presets'8-Bit Synths' contains over 130 original, premium quality presets for Plogue Chipsounds. These patches have that authentic character of retro videogame consoles and soundchip..
£9.95 £4.98
'Premium OVO Collection' for NI Massive
Soundbank -50 %
The Premium OVO Collection contains 100 patches inspired by PartyNextDoor, ILoveMakonnen, Drake, Mike Zombie, Roy Woods, and more. This collection includes everything you need to start making serious ..
£11.95 £5.98
'Funkedelics' for NI Massive
Soundbank -50 %
'Funkedelics' contains 65 deliciously organic and ultra funky patches for Hip Hop, Funk, Trip Hop, Nu Jazz and similar musical styles, crossing the oldschool with the modern day.  Each pa..
£9.95 £4.98
'Apocalyptic Visions' for NI Massive
Soundbank -50 %
'Apocalyptic Visions' brings you 64 disturbing pads, insane soundscapes, creepy sound effects, fantasy acoustic musical instruments, dark basses, and moody bells. This collection is aimed at p..
£10.95 £5.48
Powerhouse Dance Collection
Soundbank -50 %
'Powerhouse Dance Collection' contains a vast assortment of sounds for electronic dance music production, covering the entire range from modern trance to early 90's underground techno. &nb..
£7.95 £3.98
Espen Kraft - Roland JX-8P / PG-8X - 32 Retro Synthwave Presets
PG8x -30 %
 A download pack of 32 patches for the Roland JX-8P in the sysex format.The patches are created from me and many of them is sounds directly from my album "Those Days" which is a tribute..
£6.00 £4.20
Zebra - Forever 80s
Zebra -50 %
Genres:  80s, Alternative, Disco, Electro, House, Nu Disco, Pop, RockInfo:This soundset covers sounds from one of the most innovated decades of the 20th century - the 1980's.About the Producer:Br..
£6.16 £3.08
Sylenth - Totally Rad 80s
Sylenth -50 %
Genres:  80s, Ambient, Chillout, Disco, Electro, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Pop, Rock, Techno, Urban  With 64 warm and nostalgic oldschool patches, 'Totally Rad 80s'answers the requests by our Sy..
£4.99 £2.50
Xenos Soundworks - Videogame Mania - Massive
Soundbank NI Massive -50 %
Videogame Mania is a high-end collection of 64 authentic retro chiptune style Massive presets, created by one of Native Instruments' own sound designers. This soundset contains classic SID style a..
£12.25 £6.13
Massive - Uber Brutal Dubstep
Soundbank NI Massive -50 %
This is a collection of 64 explosive, heavy dubstep patches for NI Massive.  'Uber Brutal Dubstep' lives up to it's name, offering psychotic and rage-infused growls, drops, bass loops..
£13.33 £6.67
Massive - Fear and Horror
Soundbank NI Massive -50 %
Genres:  Ambient, Industrial, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, IDM, Pop, Metal/Hard Rock  'Fear and Horror' contains 50 disturbing and frightful pads, atmospheres, sound eff..
£6.67 £3.34
Massive - Computer Science
Soundbank NI Massive -50 %
Genres:  Chiptunes, House, Techno, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Pop, Hip Hop, Funk, Breakbeat'Computer Science' continues where the popular 'Videogame Mania' left off, with 66 patche..
£10.83 £5.42
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths Volume 2
Soundbank NI Massive -50 %
 '70s and 80s Synths Volume 2' is a collection of 64 vintage style sounds for Massive, by one of Native Instruments' own sound designers. Great care was taken to provide a "warme..
£9.16 £4.58
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths Vol 3
Soundbank NI Massive -50 %
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths Vol 3 by xenos soundworks..
£9.99 £5.00
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths
Soundbank NI Massive -50 %
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths by xenos soundworks..
£7.49 £3.75
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