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Glacial - Organic Ambience

“Glacial” is the latest behemoth premium library from Origin Sound - A meticulously hand..


Hip Hop Haze - Essential Crates & Breaks

Origin Sound proudly presents Hip Hop Haze, one of our biggest packs to date, coming with crack..


Hip Hop Soul - Organic Jazz Sessions

Origin Sound proudly presents Hip Hop Soul, a serene library filled to the brim with a gorgeous..


Illusion - Organic Downtempo

Blur the lines between the sounds of electronic and organic textures with “Illusion” &nd..


Lo-Fi Beats - Organic Hip Hop

Origin Sound is proud to present Lo-Fi Beats, a library dedicated towards facilitating authenti..


Luftrum Ambient 2

Luftrum Ambient 2 is a handcrafted collection of 128 quality patches inspired by classic sci-fi movi..



Lunaris is a sample based pad instrument, containing pads only from classic analogue pads to lush am..


Monolith - Natural Elements - Origin Sound

Origin Sound is proud to present the latest instalment to our ever-expanding library, “Mo..


Organics - Ambient Drums & Foley

Origin Sound is proud to present Organics, a cutting edge collection of meticulously crafted foley a..


Shangri-La - Organic Elements

Shangri-La“A mystical, harmonious valley”Origin Sound takes you on a journey to Sha..


Utopia Vol I

Origin Sound are proud to present “Utopia” – A new world filled with unheard textu..