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Shangri-La - Organic Elements
MIDI Pack Contains Drums -50 %
Shangri-La“A mystical, harmonious valley”Origin Sound takes you on a journey to Shangri-La, a serene sonic environment overflowing with lucid melodies and starry chord progressions.&n..
£24.99 £12.50
Takeshi - Oriental Trap
-50 %
Origin Sound are proud to present “Takeshi”, our latest release that brings an oriental twist to the Trap & Hip Hop world. Oozing with authenticity and original eastern vibes, this lib..
£21.99 £11.00
'Apocalyptic Visions' for NI Massive
Soundbank -50 %
'Apocalyptic Visions' brings you 64 disturbing pads, insane soundscapes, creepy sound effects, fantasy acoustic musical instruments, dark basses, and moody bells. This collection is aimed at p..
£10.95 £5.48
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