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Soundbank Contains Drums
We all loved so many aspects of these machines, some good sounds, some not so great. So why not mix and match all their elements to your liking? SYNTHFUNK aims to do this with high-quality EQing on th..
Cutting Edge Collection Vol. 1
Cutting Edge Collection vol, provides you with the essential basics to create a tune from the ground up. Including 100 top quality kick drum samples, 100 top class snares, 100 brilliantly detailed sou..
'1984' for PPG Wave 3.V and 2.V
PPG Wave Presets'Nineteen Eighty Four', a bank of 128 presets, combines oldschool-inspired synth sounds with the addition of somber, chilling textures that reflect the dystopian world described in Geo..
'8 Bit Synths' for Plogue Chipsounds
Plogue Chipsounds Presets'8-Bit Synths' contains over 130 original, premium quality presets for Plogue Chipsounds. These patches have that authentic character of retro videogame consoles and soundchip..
'Apocalyptic Visions' for NI Massive
'Apocalyptic Visions' brings you 64 disturbing pads, insane soundscapes, creepy sound effects, fantasy acoustic musical instruments, dark basses, and moody bells. This collection is aimed at p..
Powerhouse Dance Collection
'Powerhouse Dance Collection' contains a vast assortment of sounds for electronic dance music production, covering the entire range from modern trance to early 90's underground techno. &nb..
Dark Cyberpunk for Dune 2
Soundbank Dune 2
What's inside? 14 Bass Patches10 Lead Patches7 Pad Patches6 Plucked Patches3 SFX Patches  This soundbank contains 40 patches which are dedicated to the dark side of cyberpunk themed..
MV French House is MATT VORN’s second free pack on ThePatchBay. It contains 30 expertly crafted; extremely user friendly presets with macro/mod mapped controls to quickly adjust the presets in s..
Over 85 high fidelity presets ready to use for any genre with macro controls mapped in every preset. Sounds range from deep 80s basses, to compelling atmospheric textures, to modern epic dance leads. ..
Zebra - Forever 80s
Genres:  80s, Alternative, Disco, Electro, House, Nu Disco, Pop, RockInfo:This soundset covers sounds from one of the most innovated decades of the 20th century - the 1980's.About the Producer:Br..
Sylenth - Totally Rad 80s
Genres:  80s, Ambient, Chillout, Disco, Electro, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Pop, Rock, Techno, Urban  With 64 warm and nostalgic oldschool patches, 'Totally Rad 80s'answers the requests by our Sy..
Xenos Soundworks - Videogame Mania - Massive
Soundbank NI Massive
Videogame Mania is a high-end collection of 64 authentic retro chiptune style Massive presets, created by one of Native Instruments' own sound designers. This soundset contains classic SID style a..
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths Volume 2
Soundbank NI Massive
 '70s and 80s Synths Volume 2' is a collection of 64 vintage style sounds for Massive, by one of Native Instruments' own sound designers. Great care was taken to provide a "warme..
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths Vol 3
Soundbank NI Massive
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths Vol 3 by xenos soundworks..
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths
Soundbank NI Massive
Massive - 70s and 80s Synths by xenos soundworks..
Korg MonoPoly - Oldschool Tools
Soundbank Korg Monopoly
Oldschool Tools contains 100 vintage style patches for Korg MonoPoly, suitable for everything from retro funk, electro, new wave and more. The soundset ships to you in mp4bank, FXB and mp4prog formats..
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