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Elevate - Ambient Downtempo
MIDI Pack -50 %
Raise your productions to new heights with “Elevate” - A cohesive bank of delicately crafted loops and one shots perfectly balanced between organic and electronic, drawing inspiration from..
£21.99 £11.00
Atmosphere - Downtempo Electronica
MIDI Pack -50 %
Origin Sound is proud to present Atmosphere , a worldly collection of meticulously designed sonics, ranging from organic instruments warped into a new lease of life, shimmering analogue synt..
£24.99 £12.50
Illusion - Organic Downtempo
MIDI Pack -50 %
Blur the lines between the sounds of electronic and organic textures with “Illusion” – A handcrafted pallet of textures, tones, ambience and more, taking inspiration from downtempo a..
£21.99 £11.00
Petit Biscuit has taken the chill-wave scene by storm with his beautifully warm guitar-tone. We wanted to capture that, put it into a sample pack and make it available for all producers to use! &..
Aubit - Ultrallenium for Serum
Soundbank XFER Serum
Imagine having access to the same KILLER quality chord patches, beautiful lead sounds and thick Reece bass presets as Illenium himself. Well, with ‘Ultrallenium for Serum’ that’s exa..
Get your hands on the famous Illenium style guitar sound with ‘Ultrallenium Guitars’! We’ve recorded and processed 50 Guitar loops in the style of Illenium’s biggest hits...
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