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    Sample packs are full of useful data for your DAW. Browse it here.

    The Ultimate Italo Disco / Synth-Pop Sample Pack ! - By Espen Kraft
    Exclusive MIDI Pack Drums
    * Espen Kraft Italo Disco / Synth-pop Sample Pack *Thank you for buying this sample-pack!I've spent a long time recording, sampling and processing the sounds in this pack, with focus on quality an..
    Synthwave Bass is a huge collection of vintage analog bass lines with a retro flair.  There several variations of the same phrase with the different sounds, you can mix and match so you have an a..
    Dark Synthwave pulls its inspiration from the early days of Industrial music while infusing modern techniques to create something entirely new. This collection is complete with vintage drum machi..
    Synthwave Drums is a massive collection of hard-hitting gated drum sounds. Inspired by the techniques of pioneering 80s music producers, this aptly named collection ranges from Rock to traditional Syn..
    Carma Studio proudly presents “Van Derand – Synthwave”, a hot 10-track song starter pack divided into a selection of top quality loops and one-shots with that special Van Derand sign..
    Synthwave Melodics is more than just ’80s nostalgia. Synthwave is a style of music that showcases the true beauty that has unfolded with the advancements in music technology. Creating sound..
    Carma Studio proudly presents Van Derand – Signature Series Vol. 1, a must-have collection of punchy drums, dreamy leads, gloomy acoustic instrumentation, and thick bouncy basslines. Prepar..
    Crystal Clarity Drums Volume 3 - Power Snares
    Exclusive Drums
    You might not think there are many, but these are days of work, days of obsessing. Every snare is perfectly crafted to fit perfectly into the mix. These snares have got the goods and will take your mu..
    Essential Ambient
    MIDI Pack Drums
    'Essential Ambient' is a huge brand new pack from Laniakea Sounds which contains five inspiration kits, music loops, foley SFX and various one-shots. The light of this new cutting-edge pack is..
    Cinematic Electronica
    'Laniakea Sounds: Cinematic Electronica' comes with five Construction Kits created in experimental Cinematic style. Fearsome basses and breathtaking atmospheres with massive drum loops guarant..
    OSC - Girls On Bikes - Drums & Bass Sample Pack (Inc. Valhalla Reverb Presets & MIDI Drum Loops)
    Exclusive Presets MIDI Pack Drums
    Get some OSC styled Funk and Strut in your music with the Girls On Bikes: Drums & Bass Sample Pack.Drums: The complete drum sample set from the Girls On Bikes EP, personally curated from a mixture..
    Exclusive Presets Drums V-Prom
    Introducing eprom night 3 arcade editionA huge instrument collection for Aly James Lab's VPROM VSTi.Created with 8 bit, 16 bit, arcade sound chips, C64/SID, YM2612, and more. Perfect for chiptune ..
    KRITIKAL MASS PRESENTSScouse House Sample Pack Vol .1Featuring over 250 samples specially selected for use in Scouse House / Donk / Clubland style tracksSorted in easy to use folders, folders includeK..
    Painstaking drums processing killed my artistic flow, and because of this I made my own drum machine sample pack with pre-processed samples. Compressed, EQ'd, stereo treated, wet, dry, wacky and c..
    Crystal Clarity Synthwave Drums by Arcade Summer Volume 2
    Exclusive Drums
    Volume 2 of the apparently so critically acclaimed pack: crystal clarity drums vol1. There were many requests for some sweet toms... well here they are.This pack contains, no bs, some of the cleanest ..
    Crystal Clarity Synthwave Drums by Arcade Summer Volume 1
    Exclusive Drums
    This pack contains, no bs, some of the cleanest synthwave drum samples that you will lay your hands on anywhere on the web. It includes kicks, snares, hats and claps, 94 of them. Using these as t..
    Refractor Audio is proud to present Celldweller's debut Modular Sample Pack - featuring a collection of 505 premium samples from the Celldweller Spaceship!Generated and pr..
    How To Bass 4: Modular Mayhem is an exciting collection of sounds created by combining digital creation with analog modular processing. The best of both worlds coming together to create unique texture..
    This is a pack of sounds made with 11 Patcher patches utilizing macros. Evil and ridiculously heavy sounding bass patches under the control of one or two knobs each. 250 sounds available to you as wel..
    "How To Bass Volume 02: Bass harder" is the 2nd sample pack from SeamlessR, creator of the popular YouTube tutorial series of the same name. This sample pack contains many wild and..
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