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Luftrum 21 for Sylenth1
Presets Sylenth
Luftrum 21 is a soundbank collaboration between Luftrum, synthwave artist Michael Oakley and producer legend Arksun. The trio have teamed up in a time-travel to create a nostalgic set of 128 handcraft..
Polysix Expansion Pack by Arcade Summer
Exclusive Presets
Introducing the Polysix expansion megapack by Arcade Summer. This megapack primarily consists of 3 banks for a total of 96 presets. The aim of these banks were to cover many bases where the factory ba..
Neon Circuits
Presets Diva
100 synthwave inspired presets for u-he Diva by Oblivion Sound Lab. Neon Circuits is the sequel to our free Diva Oblivion soundset, and features 100 handcrafted patches perfect for synthwave prod..
Spire Synthwave Essentials Volume 2 - Michael Oakley
Exclusive Presets Spire
On this pack I decided to go more Eurobeat and Italo-Disco, giving it a true Retrowave feel. It's production ready and really does compliment the first pack Volume 1.There are 64 sounds across a w..
Crystal Clarity Synthwave Drums by Arcade Summer Volume 2
Exclusive Drums
Volume 2 of the apparently so critically acclaimed pack: crystal clarity drums vol1. There were many requests for some sweet toms... well here they are.This pack contains, no bs, some of the cleanest ..
'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4: Synthwave' for NI Massive
NI Massive Presets'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4' contains 65 presets for NI Massive, designed to fit perfectly into synthwave/retrowave and other oldschool productions.  Both KSD and NMSV formats ..
'RetroMania' for Synapse-Audio Legend VST and Legend RE (Reason)
'RetroMania' contains 75 Synapse-Audio Legend presets with a strong retro character, for producers of 70s and 80s Pop music, Synthwave, Funk, Classic Rock and more.    With meaty bas..
'1984' for PPG Wave 3.V and 2.V
PPG Wave Presets'Nineteen Eighty Four', a bank of 128 presets, combines oldschool-inspired synth sounds with the addition of somber, chilling textures that reflect the dystopian world described in Geo..
Michael Oakley Sylenth1 Soundbank
Exclusive Presets Sylenth
This bank contains 64 presets for the VST Sylenth1 which covers retro genres such as Synthwave, Italo & OutrunThis also includes the Ableton file used to make the demo as a bonus..
Crystal Clarity Synthwave Drums by Arcade Summer Volume 1
Exclusive Drums
This pack contains, no bs, some of the cleanest synthwave drum samples that you will lay your hands on anywhere on the web. It includes kicks, snares, hats and claps, 94 of them. Using these as t..
Michael Oakley Tal u no lx Volume 2
TAL U No LX Exclusive Presets
After the runaway success of the first bank...He's back with a sequel, full of emotive and nostalgic sounds.36 professional patches to experiment and mould into your own projectsFull of dreamy key..
Michael Oakley - Spire Synthwave Essentials Vol 1 Michael Oakley - Spire Synthwave Essentials Vol 1
Exclusive Presets Spire
Reveal sound’s Spire is currently my favorite virtual synthesizer to use. There isn’t any sound type that I haven’t been able to faithfully recreate in Spire.It’s capable of re..
Michael Oakley Synthwave TAL U NO LX Soundbank
TAL U No LX Exclusive Presets
Grab this timeless Soundbank for TAL U NO LX by Michael Oakley.Michael offers an insight into some of the most fundamental sounds in his style.36 .pjunoxl patches for TAL U NO LX ranging the entire sp..
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